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today suddenly in the QQ signature of a friend saw a sentence: simple life, work hard, suddenly thought of the words can also be used in the online shop, not thinking about how to deal with their competitors and buyers, and put more action to the publicity and promotion of the shop. With seven today to share with you some free information promotion methods.

1, writing soft Wen, I want to know the website promotion person should know the soft for the promotion of the importance of the same reasoning, shop online friends should also try some soft Wen promotion, virtually in the promotion of their own shop.

2, to release some information about the shop, and now there are a lot of free information release service website. When access to these sites to avoid leaving the mobile phone number, because he tried to leave a contact phone on some websites, less than a week on the emergence of these businesses to contact me for pay projects.

3, go to some BBS posting replies, some can leave work in just ways shop links will shield the general forum, advertising posts. So we do it all the time.

in fact, these information are many online shop sellers would use, but his essence is to be hard, because the Internet information is updated quickly, to ensure that the information you can be seen more people should be changed frequently, and always let their own information display in the front page of the site, especially in the website free information release.

didn’t say much, and now it’s time to update the information.

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