Micro blog large left hand to see the truth behind the shelling of the micro micro business selling


word "the hottest recent fake" already in the network fired a few days ago raise a Babel of criticism of the well-known bloggers, left hand a few micro-blog issued a "circle of friends who bought the mask" three articles and a program of CCTV "hot derivative mask behind" broadcast, let last year, the popular circle of friends mask the truth surfaced.

this a long circle of friends who bought micro-blog "Mask", caused a great disturbance, micro-blog content to is this:

pictures from a few hand micro-blog screenshot

left a few hands to comment and popular network users tongue appearance, the review in the circle of friends to sell mask event is also under relentless in micro-blog know that straightforward friends sold mask insider, also raked up a "Metrosexual team", and the sites are not for the record, not to mention the product the. All the things The case is entirely cleared., cheerful. There must not be to ask people if the mask is true, and the customer return map is transfer of software to do it, which is really


pictures from a few hand micro-blog screenshot


is not willingly that you look at the CCTV program, what change the packaging for the brand, and even give you some materials of glucocorticoid, 1.8 yuan a mask is true, regardless of how to sell the price, people are afraid to use, you dare to face to be? Now there are a lot of people are selling circle of friends mask agency issued transfer pictures from it.

pictures from the hot micro business behind the mask video screenshot

circle of friends to sell mask trick is mainly the development of the home without limit, but must take much money to become a real goods agent, how many people are going to use this mask, estimated that only sellers know. It is selling something not circle of friends are fake? This is not a stick and killed, but in this circle to sell miracle mask, Tyler, ten year old beauty beauty brand, or view as well.

in my circle of friends have a lot of friends and classmates do cosmetic products, fortunately, occasionally send a good product introduction, when knowledge is up, but in the course of time, more and more information, I can only silently to shield her circle of friends, friends really do product reservation alternative, I summed up the look, there are three kinds of trust: 1, true friend: purchasing in foreign countries, this circle of friends, will not deceive you, send it to you directly from abroad, it can buy. 2, shop online shop: really no time or don’t want to go shopping, in store network of shops or micro store shops, business registration, and then to the best on the small ticket, even buy fake. "

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