Transformation of the traditional electricity supplier has become an inevitable combination of onlin


domestic electricity industry expansion is too fierce, is tense relationship between traditional enterprises and commercial enterprises. However, with the gradual maturity of the overall domestic electricity supplier environment, the relationship between the two sides also began to gradually integrate into the opposition. The day before the media reports said, Daxing maternal electricity suppliers red children ready to set up the store, and will be completed in first-tier cities in the first half of this year. The line of beauty and health retailers Watsons official website mall will be formally launched.

has been the relationship between the electricity supplier and the traditional retail industry is in a tense situation. Prior to this, the electricity supplier giant Ma and retail giant Wang Jianlin bet on the issue is a better description of the problem. However, fortunately, the electricity supplier and the traditional retail industry are timely to see their own short board, which is really the main reason to promote the integration of both.

so, what are the short board between the two of them Song Congming think for traditional industries, the rise in costs, sales and sales restrictions and the decline in the period of the most obvious short board. For the electricity supplier industry, the user experience is its obvious disadvantage. Next, we discuss these two questions in detail:

transformation of traditional industries electricity supplier into an inevitable

for traditional industries, the rapid development of electricity supplier in the country caused a huge impact on it. With the rise of online shopping, the rise in the cost of traditional industries is a ridge around but. Compared with the electricity supplier companies, traditional industries need to build a lot of manpower and material resources to maintain the normal operation of enterprises. So, in the electricity supplier industry competition among traditional industries in terms of price has lost the advantage.

another short board is the traditional industry is the scope of sales restrictions, an electricity supplier companies can sell their products through the network to the country or even the world. But a traditional enterprise has obvious geographical restrictions, if you want to expand the need to continue to invest a lot of money, which also adds a lot of intangible costs.

however, for traditional industries, the most deadly is the decline in sales. Since the popularity of online shopping in the country, this new and convenient way of shopping by more and more consumers of all ages. Those who have traditionally been loyal consumers have turned to the electricity supplier industry. Even the traditional clothing store once become a family of online shopping line fitting shop, this is to let the traditional industry unbearable.

high cost, geographical restrictions, as well as the electricity supplier industry, these are the traditional retail industry short board, and the only way to solve these problems is to turn the electricity supplier.

electricity supplier enterprises combined with the line into a trend

just mentioned that some of the short board of traditional enterprises have to start thinking about the transformation of the electricity supplier. Of course, the traditional enterprise electricity supplier era is not so Nothing is right., at least they have their own advantages, and these might just be some commercial enterprises are lack of things. < >

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