The second hand car electric commercial state present situation between feudal lords vying for the t

in the past few years, new car sales rose sharply, experts predict that in the next few years, new car sales will soon reach the ceiling, and then the typical lemon market is the second-hand car industry explosive growth in the future.

2013 is the second-hand car electricity supplier barbaric growth year, various business models auction mode, consignment mode, mall model, platform model, gradually surfaced, and won the VC and traditional eye predators. The first brand light second-hand car electricity supplier car easily beat last year singled out the sales of 5 billion, 100 thousand sets of transactions, which is to let peer buddies stunned.

The second-hand car market in the face of incalculable amount of

and the new Internet channel, many companies have on the Internet layout used car business, including Ping An group layout, at a cost of 1 billion Ping good car 273 car network layout O2O mall "99 car", and today a huge news heavy group jointly BITAUTO, excellent letter took up a large credit second-hand car joint venture company (hereinafter referred to as the "big Zhi Xin"), to enter the second-hand car 020. Market cake, just takes shape, it has attracted a large number of people to cut the cake, then in the market to feudal lords vying for the throne, who live to the end, sitting on the head of online transactions of second-hand car sales, the answer to this question, perhaps five years, perhaps ten years, perhaps in itself is not the answer. No matter the ending, but this in itself is an extremely other second-hand car business practitioners exciting things, because we will witness a nearly trillion market plate industry from the backstage.

first, the mainstream used car site classification:

from the website business model to divide, the second-hand car site is divided into electricity supplier class, information platform class, life service class, third party evaluation class four.


two, below the author cited the current industry is relatively mature business model and the company to do a comparison:


more than four enterprises at present is the industry leader, each business model is not the same, each with slightly superior, see essence through the phenomenon, through the commercial nature of model development, the above presents currently used car electricity supplier industry disputes.

three, the future of second-hand car electricity supplier mainstream business model:

the future of the used car business model gradually toward " O2O2O+BC2B" (online and offline, offline offline + direct selling, custom) mode closer.

will achieve the mobile terminal to see big data whenever and wherever possible, different consumers of precision marketing and personalized product recommendation based on credit system, perfect and high quality car source integration, users can meet the online car line Car Buying line car line, check the condition, also can directly take the car line.

the author of several points:

(1) currently used car electricity supplier, the business is essentially toB, t>

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