Gome micro shop into the campus of Chinese financial innovation and financial management to create a

recently, by Gome holding group and Chinese financial Gome jointly organized the "Gome micro shop into the campus activities at the Shenzhen University, the Shenzhen Polytechnic and Shenzhen Institute of information technology occupation of three universities held, many college students are the first to experience" mode of shopping 0 yuan purchase this innovative.

GOME stores into the campus: you shopping, I pay

this morning the Shenzhen University stone dock bustling square, after the admission, the deep societies are mustering the strength in hiring, in many booths, "Gome micro shop into the campus activities booth gathered popularity, we gather in this is to make one thing clear, it is 0 yuan how to buy


"0 yuan purchase" is the consumer finance terminal customers for the target population, just need to goods "0 yuan purchase" as the starting point, bundled deposit to move concepts, new financial products with standardized income calculator development. When consumers buy goods, just landing Chinese finance APP, select 0 yuan purchase can be free access to goods and access to investment interest". Some students think that in the experience of "0 yuan purchase", he further understood the concept of financial management, the simple consumption is directly to the money out, but this time and investment together, it creates a "cheap" feeling. Of course, this is actually the financial management in the consumer at the same time, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

experience 0 yuan to buy the deep interview with


the organizers of the event Gome and Chinese finance with the u.s.. One is the line retail stores, and the other is the main P2P net loan of Internet financial companies, the cooperation, the actual two countries in the United States under the strategic framework of the Internet financial.

according to the relevant agency released the "China Small and micro businesses development report 2014" display, Small and micro businesses to obtain bank loans accounted for 46%, 11.6% refused to apply for loans, Small and micro businesses 42.4% did not apply for a loan. The common financing difficulties have become an important reason for the bankruptcy of small and micro enterprises, while the majority of ordinary people also lack of investment channels. In other words, the supply and demand of funds is disjointed. The rise of Internet banking, in the civil idle funds and small and micro enterprises set up a bridge between the demand of capital docking, also triggered a new round of financial innovation, provide opportunities for states such as the United States and traditional enterprises. As a business nationwide appliance and consumer electronics retailer, Gome in the "Internet plus" outlet proposed continue to deepen the full retail strategy, to create a full retail ecosystem target. In September 2014, Gome Holdings Group founded Gome financial holding Investment Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Gome Holdings), November 2014, Gome holdings officially inject Chinese financial group, the two largest financial group, with the north and South vicenza.

, according to the United States, the introduction of Internet banking business

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