Google German domain name hijacked nternet users have been told that the site does not exist

according to foreign media reports, on Tuesday, the German Google user search engine suddenly found that they are familiar with the web page suddenly disappeared, replaced by a ISP ", claimed that the web content you visit does not exist. It is reported that, domain name was hijacked, the current Google is still investigating the matter.

is reported that the Google German website on the home page of the country’s large Internet access company Genoe content. Google German company spokesman Keuchel said, this kind of thing has never happened in Google German website body, will not happen again. He said that it is unclear the cause of the accident, Google German company has investigated the matter.

is reported that the world’s leading domain name hijacking in Germany is not the first time. 2004, Ebay domain name has been hijacked, resulting in a large number of Internet users can not visit the German retail site.

according to the spokesman, the accident occurred more than two hours, since then, the German Internet users to successfully visit Google German search engines and other sites.

A spokesman for the German company

Google did not say what measures will be taken in the future to ensure that the domain name hijacking problem does not occur.

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