Tmall 2015 or ultra Amazon into the world’s largest electricity supplier website



to 2015, Tmall is expected to surpass Amazon, the world’s largest electricity supplier website


technology news Beijing time on November 30th morning news, according to the latest report released by market research firm Euromonitor, by revenue, Tmall group’s Alibaba will replace Amazon in 2015 to become the world’s largest electricity supplier website.

Euromonitor report predicts that by 2017, Tmall’s revenue should reach $120 billion, while Amazon’s revenue could be $100 billion. Alibaba group’s revenue this year is expected to be $40 billion, while Amazon is $60 billion.

reported that in November 11, 2012 the same day, there are 213 million people log on Tmall website, its revenue reached $3 billion a day. This figure itself is quite surprising, especially the entire electricity supplier industry in the United States, black Friday and network two days of revenue is $3 billion, but $. On the Internet Monday, about 129 million Americans shopping online.

as a reference, Amazon’s current market capitalization of $114 billion, given the trend of the entire retail industry continues to shift from offline to online, Amazon’s market capitalization in 2015 should be more than now. However, even in the most conservative estimates, Tmall’s market capitalization in 3 years will reach $114 billion.

Tmall is one of the assets of Alibaba group, may also be its most valuable asset. This means that if the implementation of IPO (IPO) this year, Alibaba group’s valuation of at least $60 billion, if IPO next year, then the valuation is as high as $78 billion. Equally interesting is that Euromonitor’s report also referred to Tmall’s overseas expansion plans, which will certainly further enhance the growth rate of its business.

even earlier this year, Alibaba holdings holdings of shares, YAHOO still holds 24% of the shares of the company. If YAHOO continues to hold until next year, until the valuation of Alibaba group reached at least the current market value of the Amazon, then the value of this part of the shares will be more than 27 billion u.s.. YAHOO’s current market value of the company is only $22 billion, but also includes the shares of Alibaba group.

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