Shanghai Longfeng discussion how to improve the site access speed

general host supports GZip compression function. We need to make good use of the host to provide our function, open compression can improve the site access speed, you can search the reference documentation for specific steps of steps to complete (expected 10 minutes), remember to check whether successfully opened after the completion of compression in the webmaster tools.

finished the acceleration server and domain name, website optimization step program a little more than 2 steps, as follows:

open GZIP compression.

four steps, namely: CDN accelerate content delivery network. The basic idea is to avoid as much as possible on the Internet may affect the data transmission speed and stability of the bottleneck and the link, make the content transmission faster and more stable. In simple terms, we often hear the word node, if you visit in Beijing is a real server address site in Chengdu, the normal site request to travel to Chengdu, in return the data after the CDN, the request node returns the data directly in Beijing, directly saved thousands of kilometres, greatly improves the access speed.

website optimization program

local access to the application domain name server, the server receives the data and return data

The choice of domestic space operation can be completed

we enter the URL in your browser to see the page is actually a process by


use CDN to speed up

The cache technology

mobile terminal is becoming more and more popular, mobile traffic is becoming more and more valuable, if you want to have a good ranking of the best open mobile show, almost 100% of the speed of the mobile terminal ranking. How will the site open speed control in 3 seconds or less than one second? The first thing to understand, speed optimization can start from the three aspects of the server, domain name, web application environment, the tea also a combination of their actual operation experience to share.

CDN also has a lot of tea, recommend the use of "love Haiyun accelerate ‘5 minutes, follow the prompts to complete the operation, since it is the love of Shanghai’s CDN, the search engine ranking is certainly a bonus, for us, which can speed up the speed of the site, but also improve the Shanghai dragon, why not for


server as the site of the "home", whether the quality directly affects the site foundation stability. Unless you are doing a foreign website, so we must choose the domestic space. For our small owners, the domestic space quality uneven what choose which good? Ali cloud, cloud giants such as Tencent in Haiyun, provided by the cloud server is a very good choice, price positioning in 1000/, security, stability, in line with our website budget cost, another article "specific search of tea Shanghai dragon tea on: how to choose the site space server", there is a detailed introduction.

if you are using fabric >


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