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chart: capital winter mobile market "focus" regression rational development

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in the network to make money, whether you are a webmaster, or shop manager, a good website hopes to build their own website can bring profit, but to their website, built after the wait alone is not making money, or need to work, website ranking, website promotion cannot do without you the publicity, but to promote the money, and not every webmaster, the manager has so much money to promote their own websites, so what to do, how to make your own website

website, must not take whatever state, as a new station, at the head of a building after a good month, take care, be included in the search engine is a big thing, the new station being included in the search engine, is not to say that all sites are stable, in fact, search engines an assessment period, you need to in the assessment period, the site management of their own good, take good care of children, don’t walk, you let him jump, but do not let the children directly destroyed, this is a loss.

to build a new station, not on the same day, the month can bring profits, we need to have a patient on the site, on the site of the profit time need a location, generally 3 months to half a year in profits, rather than 1,2 days, because to do so, can make you feel not tired, with plenty of time to manage their own website, can use the spare time to the website details, site through the assessment period after the formal operation, see their position in the search engine, if the position back does not matter, we can use other ways to make web site profit.

capital winter to promote rational development of the market, more focused on

360 mobile phone assistant data show that from October 2015 to June 2016, except in February due to the impact of the Spring Festival holiday of the new APP number fluctuations, to March new APP immediately climbed to the highest peak, while the other each month add APP number to maintain the upward trend. Mobile applications market is still unlimited heat, as the user demand continues to upgrade, more vertically classified APP into the application market, increasing the number of applications APP market, while enriching the user’s choice.

The impact of

green book on the domestic mobile Internet trends made a periodic summary, but also released a large number of internal core data. Worthy of attention is that mobile Internet entrepreneurs, with the escalating demand for users, even if the capital winter has not blocked the enthusiasm of developers, vertical fine classification APP has become the user and capital favorite.

encourage innovation and entrepreneurship horn still ringing, mobile Internet business is still hot, and for 2016 entrepreneurs, to determine the status and trends of the industry is the most important. The day before, Android mobile phone application of China’s largest distribution platform 360 mobile phone assistant officially released the "2016 Chinese APP mobile phone industry in the first half of the green book trend" hereinafter referred to as the "green book", for entrepreneurs, is tantamount to a gospel.

audio-visual audio-visual category fully open entertainment

according to the green book, the first half of 2016 on the audio CD APP strong performance in the first half of downloads over social communication and won a live APP for the classification of software downloads add a fire, clearly illustrates the application of the market to the entertainment began to change. In addition, the audio-visual audio-visual class APP beyond communication social class APP another reason is that the industry began to focus on film and television copyright, each video APP has attractive enough content to attract users to download the exclusive content


According to the

graph: mobile applications market overall enthusiasm is not reduced, more vertical classification of APP into the application market

we can use free resources to let consumers know more or less established new sites, such as sh419 know the answers, although sh419 is not connected with the answer, you can put the link into your web site name, and in your web site keywords, don’t forget your website name inside. So your site is the one and only when people search the web site, as long as you normally included by search engines, others included, in addition to the little promotion website, your site must be in the first place, then, to bring you a daily flow of not less than 300, the flow is a number very impressive for a new station, you can also in other forums, blog to promote their site, so every day your site traffic will not only less than 500. If you keep on doing this, your website will get better and better.


generally speaking, good website ranking and website to make money is not the inevitable relationship, website ranking is not good also can make money, as long as you make good use of resources, find some advantage, do the thing you should do, put your site management, you will find that the money is not a a very difficult thing, the ranking of a website does not end all.

capital has cooled some of the "overheating" categories of APP and has made the market more focused. The APP class contains hot new areas and new project proportion rose significantly, convenient life kind of new APP ratio is high, but by the environmental impact of capital, since 16 years, tends to be "cool", the new proportion decreased. Contains personalized information news reading & including video live audio-visual audio-visual classes and educational studies, including K12 education, touted by the market, the number of new APP accounted for, or the most obvious.

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