Look beyond the surface problem four words to let you see the true face of Shanghai Dragon

fish and bear’s paw can not be used in the industry, Shanghai dragon in suits. The simplest example is FLASH to increase the page visual experience has a strong impetus, but in the spider there are not any love, not only love, but will let the spider in limbo, not to identify all the information on the video. Not only that, adding FLASH and other dynamic picture will make the website loading speed down, once the site open speed is too slow, will affect the user experience, but on the other hand, the addition of FLASH will increase the user experience to a certain extent, so it is difficult to choose. Sometimes this tangled situation occurs frequently in the process of our website optimization, then we need to take on the strategy to make some adjustments, you want to improve your keywords ranking can increase keyword density, but.


remember when I just contact Shanghai Longfeng, understanding of it is just what method can make the website optimization, website ranking, what method is king. Not to consider other issues, to be honest, I have used keywords accumulation, bridge and other techniques, but every time the love Shanghai updates are back, this is no longer the use of these methods. But the effect is not really ideal, because even if I put my site to do the first page, website bounce rate is very high, not to mention the conversion rate. Then I will cause in the careful thinking about the problem, then the 2011 love Shanghai update gave me a hint that the user experience. What is our ultimate objective is to do website optimization? Ranking or profit? No, is the user! We do the final purpose of all this is to improve user stickiness, no user access, web site optimization do best is no good, no use! So we do in Shanghai dragon before, must be clear. That is everything from the user.

Shanghai dragon to consider both sides

Shanghai Longfeng nature of

is the user

at the beginning of this article, we’ll look at a text, "since 1994, first appeared in the Chinese Internet international export after the development of network in the China can definitely use" lightning "to describe, an annual increase of the number of tens of thousands of websites, the number of net Chinese also showed J growth, by the end of 2011, China’s net has 500 million, Internet penetration rate of 58%, has formed a huge power network." Look at this, we are not too deep.

do not say anything else, just say in their own side of the case, you can feel the credibility of this number. Now friends, either part-time or professional, more or less have a website in the business, while the Shanghai dragon is everybody each conversation must mention the word, and we understand the word for the change from the beginning of the optimization for a deeper understanding of the fact that the site do Shanghai Longfeng is not only a technical work, this there also exists the height of thought.

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