Links exchange method and the matters needing attention two

(2) after removing no notice

this is almost a lot of Shanghai dragon will encounter problems, we talked to a site exchange links, then check, confirm the Links location above link has been placed in the other site, but we have a few days to check, and No. The purpose of doing so, I summed up what may be the following two reasons:

at the beginning of my career, my brother is now the boss Zhou Ping Yip’s embroidery method taught me, although we have not used, but this is indeed exist. Such links generally look carefully, it is easy to be found, as long as the other open source code, the search engine’s own website URL, if not found, but the page does exist, then your website must be in the JS code. Love Shanghai search engine optimization guide which will have such a:

2, using JS code to call the Links

we exchange links, this website may weight was also good, with my website quality was equivalent exchange. But later, my website weight is up, so check the link, I will more than poor quality links directly to delete or put the page in the "Links", while the other they maintain their own website, then this site still. This phenomenon is quite common, each website has, for us this is an unexpected surprise. Such links as I said in the first reason that is very good for the link, link exchange first see each other website weight is the stability of second links, both of which are indispensable.

1, on the chain after deleting

four, exchange links cheating

(1) wide net nature of the cheat link

every website link position is limited, but also want to get a lot of Web site links, then they will take a deceptive means, is a large number of sites to exchange links with others, then the quality worse than their own web site links to delete. Some sites in Shanghai Longfeng did not check the link habit, or simply their own website is not how to maintain, so this website is very easy to move, there will be more and more one-way links obtained in the course of time. I have to check their operation sites, will be more or less there is such a site link, I deleted them, but did not inform each other, so the link exists all the time, until they close the site no longer renew. Although such links are of poor quality, but the stability is good, so I can still give a good website weight.

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yesterday I introduce some routine for the exchange Links site and exchange links with the target site, today we continue to exchange yesterday Links topic, let’s talk about the exchange links of some commonly used means of cheating.

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