Love Shanghai in search of upheaval in the second half hiding in the line in rolling you

as the saying goes: not conscience, afraid of ghosts knocking at the door. Since the love of Shanghai will be in the second half of the white paper and a wide range of implementation to crack down on the low quality of the web site, so if your web pages of high quality, can ignore the white paper, do not have to worry about the contents of the white paper will have an impact on your website. However, if your web page quality is low and very low, I have suggested the webmaster to do some processing, so the second half will be subjected to love Shanghai right down. In fact, so far, there has been a business, B2B, education, talent, real estate owners advisory A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team, and some customer sites in our Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/? Hz) service found that web site is down right or website weight does not put up the reason most of all, because of low quality web pages, thus causing "quality impact on the website how ah. Of course, also suggested that the website drop right and website weight do not come up the webmaster advisory A5 webmaster and Shanghai dragon team, we can help you solve problems and troubles.


from the near period of time can see the love of Shanghai released a "love" sea search quality white paper "is the webmaster of the transfer is to raise a Babel of criticism of the white paper, There were many discussions. Some owners said that the white paper appeared so that they can not do website content, some owners said that the white paper is the emergence of so that they can survive the rhythm, and webmaster said the white paper appears to make the Internet information has been cleaned. Of course, whether it is good or bad, the white paper is very important for the webmaster and Internet, because the white paper appears to make most of the webmaster website for users to show the most valuable and helpful content, increased a luster to the internet.

Love official news release of "love" the sea search quality white paper "is love Shanghai web search a major change in strategy, and in the second half of this year will focus on the implementation of three aspects of content, quality, web browsing experience on the site and the accessibility of web page quality score if the quality of the site in these three areas is very low, so the site will be subject to the punishment of the Shanghai love. However, from the current point of view, love Shanghai white paper released in mid May, not on all sites, only on the part of large website implementation, so that love Shanghai for most of the webmaster is a shot shot, or pages for low quality web site to install a bomb, if lower the quality of the site is not likely to make a deal, next month will turn you down the right site.

for now, many website owners are beginning to confound, for white paper is frightened, for fear of their own website in a night in the second half of the Shanghai love right down. So, here I want to tell the webmaster, Shanghai white love role >

According to the Shanghai

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