Links exchange attention to determine success or failure

exchange Links is a headache for many new sites, not only because of the change to the link. Now Links exchange point gradually from the noble baby PR into Shanghai and included love. But even so, choose Links still has certain reference standard.

fourth, Shanghai

first, the noble baby PR value

love station network, created the Shanghai love weight value of this thing, it can predict the flow of Shanghai love keywords valuation and 3 pages ranking, the weights of the website description is very intuitive, can serve as a reference for key exchange links.

seventh, Shanghai love weight value


fifth, YAHOO trans

to PR out of love, as if Shanghai snapshot has become synonymous with love Shanghai weight, I personally don’t think a snapshot of the new station will certainly have a high weight, love Shanghai new snapshot of the station can give priority to, but the snapshot is only for reference.

eighth, keywords ranking

chain mainly to anchor text links, chain YAHOO is more valuable than the love of Shanghai chain. Keywords and anchor text can directly affect the ranking.

is a website ranking weights reflect, in general the home keywords are ranked, most can search the long tail of the title to the website weight is. It is not recommended to exchange.

love Shanghai love Shanghai chain related domain exchange links, not a lot of people as a reference, but we can see a love Shanghai related domain to judge the website promotion.

chain of love

included site, often nobility baby than love Shanghai, we can know more love love Shanghai not duplicate pages, so a website need to take into account the love love Shanghai included Shanghai and Shanghai included rate included the amount of love, love the sea included theory and edit articles is proportional to the number, and the collected rate and love Shanghai the original proportion. The editor and the large amount of small sites included rate is not recommended because this exchange website weight is not high.

third, Shanghai

said that although the noble baby PR value for a long period of time is no longer updated, but the PR value is still the old station weights reflect. The domain name more than 2 years of its website, the PR value will be relatively stable, but also can reflect the level of its relative weight. Therefore, exchange links if you stand PR4, then you better and more than 2 of the station to change the link. If your station is PR1, the other is PR5, then the other side will not go bad. If your site is new sites, so PR can not be used as a reference standard.

100 thousand in the station to see if there is value, after 100 thousand ranking is ignored.

second, love Shanghai included

sixth, Alexa ranked

YAHOO snapshot of love

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