How to correctly take the Shanghai dragon no return

as a business, make money on what? Of course rely on publicity and promotion, with the changing times, the Internet era has been dominating the state very few enterprises have a trend which cannot be halted, but also through advertising to distribute leaflets posted publicity, because most users are transferred to the Internet, many enterprises also focused on the rich Internet change unpredictably, hit the auction, no money to do Shanghai Longfeng publicity, so Shanghai dragon Er more and more, to small business owners, individual owners, are engaged in Shanghai Longfeng heat, numerous casualties, marketing done well is few, according to Cen Huiyu below, how should enterprises do Shanghai Dragon to express my own views.

, enterprises will choose Shanghai Longfeng way to promote

? ?The 3. leader enterprise

1. do lose money: many enterprises chose the Shanghai dragon, is nothing more than a fancy low price, high stability, not subject to peer traffic attack advantage, so he moved to Shanghai dragon promotion, Shanghai dragon will want to borrow, remember before and a friend talked to their company’s official website daily price promotion expenses about 500-1200 yuan a month, down to ten thousand or twenty thousand, the conversion rate is not ideal, although not to lose money, but after deducting the promotion expenses, the amount of money is a bit awkward, so spent ten thousand yuan please a Shanghai Dragon Phoenix God, a few months later, the Shanghai Dragon God was not only saving promotion have succeeded in carrying out an assignment. The cost of a large, conversion rate is up, income is about to rise from 10000 to 25000; compared to some enterprises, the employment is bold The maximum return on the enterprise, now think of a lot of hard work in the enterprise is still Shanghai dragon Er, are not reused, with the bottom of the monthly income, who will fight to the enterprise to work hard


4. of Shanghai Longfeng know >

2. "follow the crowd" people do make money I do: many companies have with the habit of seeing others do the Shanghai dragon ranking to make money, they sit and stare at someone else’s site, see yipaidatui, wistfully, had an idea: do one with them as the website to promote. Then stare at others, others think that the effect is so good, you no effect, then go online to consult some of this kind of Shanghai dragon master, not a few enterprises, the lack of Shanghai Dragon Technology and layout thinking, how can mimic the success of

decision: some business leaders have a certain understanding of Shanghai dragon, so think through combat to promote the enterprise sales, if some better understanding of Shanghai dragon, if half a bucket of water do not lead, the estimated effect for a period of time to give up, or ask a person to Shanghai Dragon do, but in the end still let the optimization of personnel in accordance with his way to do, resulting in nothing to do, put the blame left to optimize personnel, said the United States: my decision is no problem, your operation is a problem, you go back and study again to work.


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