How to treat the successful case of Shanghai Dragon

has been a lot of people do Shanghai, ask a question, if not the chain of words, is not? On this issue, said a small case, when I was in Shanghai, a program to do a number of colleagues love Shanghai more than 4 of the weight of the site, but not outside chain. The approach is very simple, that is to do with the names of some animation website home page, a station of a cartoon film, what I remember most is the "secret" and "one hundred thousand joke", at that time did not have any competitors, ranking are all very good. But now, rankings are not, because of various external reasons……

first, not now perhaps no future. Now we can actually find a new station in Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, from the search perspective, new credibility is far lower than that of the old station, due to the "ranking difficult" lead SPAM infestation, further weakening the search for new trust, after the new station can not do, but periodically will variable length, the effect will be slow. To speak from the perspective of user communication, an old station may get more resources, such as the Shanghai dragon as an example, there is no new will come out of the Shanghai dragon stable keywords ranking, why? Because the old station has the audience base, but some bloggers do recommend what the link that will point to the old station, a new station instead of you. In the content, the herd effect maybe later will emerge, such as when a user releases the information, we found a rule, if the content of high quality and low quality content, people often give some Authority Station (the old station) to deliver high quality, and for the lack of authority of the station (mostly is new) release quality low, in this.

Shanghai dragon have competition, perhaps a lot of people do not want to admit this reality, but the reality is cruel and exists, we must face the. Because the reality of the existence, when you do not, do not represent the opponent will not do, then you will fall behind in some aspects. Shanghai Longfeng ranking is relatively easy to fly straight, occupy in front of strong opponents before, but now most of the time is the Jedi counterattack, the opponent has appeared but also Everfount appears, what makes you in before the opponent? So if your industry in the face of fierce competition or will enter the competition before the Shanghai dragon may do the thinking, what to do in the future……

is a successful case of de Shanghai dragon is also the case, not to say how you rank now, but what will you do after. For example, now to give you a successful case, what are you most concerned about data is good or good ranking ranking factors, whether can after stability or can quickly see the effect? Different people have different ways of thinking, but also in the Shanghai dragon successful display. For example, my colleagues do the station was very good, but the potential risks, so that others will do so, I will try to dissuade, because starting from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, the best Shanghai, I think it is necessary to consider 2 aspects of the long-term and now.

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