Noble baby Analytics white screen problem solving method

2 in the hosts document for ssl.gstatic贵族宝贝 records, and IP addresses will be revised to


4 hosts document to save and exit.

No ssl.gstatic贵族宝贝 record of how

special note: this method by Sina micro-blog users @ flying pig in March 30th 00:06 the first time. Thank you for flying pigs.

5 clear your browser cache, and close the exit.

Analytics cannot access the March 29th noble baby, white part of user access. The main reason is to provide CSS file resources for the GA ssl.gstatic贵族宝贝 domain was a wall blocking. If you encounter this problem, please according to the following steps to solve.


6 re landing noble baby Analytics.


        贵族宝贝 noble baby -analytics-white-screen-problem-solution.html

3 hosts document, please add the following records directly.

1 C:Windows System32 drivers in etc use Notepad to open the hosts document. ssl.gstatic贵族宝贝


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