How to do web content update links from the psychology of seeking new users

in the web site update process, many sites have to pay special attention to whether the search engine can be included, so the original requirements of content is very high, update the original content to the search engine, can reach more than 90% included, however, the original in the user’s mind, satisfaction is not so high! So, in the original comparison to work under the premise, to maintain a certain degree of daily updates, in addition, the excellent content and relevant web content can also be put on the website, however, such content must be careful in the comprehensive comparison in choice, choose a good article also spend a lot of time and energy however, from the perspective of the user experience, the gold content of this higher.

user is new, it is precisely because of this, any product launch time, are seeking to attract users selling, although many of the attractions are not suitable for users, however, does not apply to the user is not applicable, but love to show off in the comparison, a little stronger than similar products. Is one of the many users decide to purchase conditions. The website is constantly updated in the process should pay attention to the most fundamental point is that too much for material and forget the needs of users, although say true sense, but don’t forget, when the real needs of users, in fact, their requirements are very simple, far less complex


is a good novel, there is always the day after, when reading this novel, readers want to see second times, in the short term is a very difficult thing, holding a mobile phone more love of Internet news, serialized in the novel, and do not want to see the download novels, the fundamental reason in the network every day in release more news, which is an important source of gossip among colleagues, and those relatively outdated temporarily do not need the place for a while, so there is time to see! This is the new user psychology at work, as can be imagined, why many sites in the optimization process, the content of the website will be as one of the most important work every day to update

will be excellent content to settle down, will the new content continue to show in front of the user, website content update, an important link.

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"Bo Long public", is one of the important ways to update website content, in the collection of such articles as a content update, should pay attention to two points, one should have a degree, not too much to the quality of acquisition, and the absolute high, users love, two is the site updated content is not necessarily high quality content is durable, choose the best 5-10 website, selective collection.

update, search engine is also so constantly improve themselves, take love Shanghai, love Shanghai love Shanghai library is a good product, now love Shanghai library can be found almost any desired content, love Shanghai news source is daily updated with the latest news, it is said that to the news the contents of the source with a certain amount of attention and click, not just what news can the news source

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