Some ideas and experience about three months learning website optimization

is the first title set. Just the door, because it is a practice stage so the master took them through, carefully explain Shi Bo, in website optimization, revising the title is taboo, if you must modify it, first of all to do with the invalid links, so it does not make early efforts have become in vain. The author also made a small station when the experiment, an on-line day was included because the master said, modify the title will lead to the site snapshot stagnation, so I would like to verify every few days to modify a title, website snapshot from the initial to the next update regularly now stalled, so the author will also determine the frequent modification of the title is really will let website snapshot have obvious effect of anti weight. In fact, many beginners in learning the website optimization, simply look at other people’s experience with the article that this is not good, the change is not good. I feel the need to fully grasp the Shanghai dragon optimization, the best way is to begin to practice, this demonstrated effect than the others say it is much more. If you don’t practice about revising the title really will lead to negative effect of website, but the other, so you can never grasp Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so that the first point is a hands-on learning website optimization.

is the second interface structure clear. I started to enter the optimization of this occupation, I always feel that the company’s web interface is not very good-looking, but also with the master said, for this problem, the master replied, a good website not only has the feel good, offbeat, gorgeous interface on the line, the most unusual is by the use of pictures and FLASH as a web interface, but the two are not very good in the search engine crawling, and FLASH loading rate are the slowest, will also affect the user experience. Rather than novel interface to affect the user experience, as well as the selection and matching the interface of the website, as long as the natural clear line. I began to do not understand why this is, when I look at the websites of the master is successful, it was found, for example, Sina, NetEase Tianya and some other well-known websites, which website interface is the most unique, are some of the more old, not what fresh color of the interface, but.

from November last year after graduation to enter a site construction company internship, a start because of the site by interest only choice for Shanghai dragon behoove optimize this occupation. At the beginning of the website optimization is just a vague concept, because reading a lot about web site optimization aspects of the article so that the optimization is actually send the chain, update the article, guarantee the stability of the space, when the deep understanding of the meaning of optimization, in fact before the view is wrong, just today it is also a full three months, write an article to share their learning experiences as a souvenir. For learning website optimization, which is not just outside the chain, optimization of knowledge today, the author mainly own point to learn to share.

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