Shanghai Longfeng enterprise website article optimization experience

method is very effective, ranking up at once, for about a month, finally on the first page. I feel I can graduate, and then transferred to the official Shanghai dragon this industry. The first full-time website optimization, candidates to an acrylic processing company, the acrylic index was more than 400, the word is relatively high, at that time did not intend to put the word do up, think of some related words as the focus, such as acrylic products, acrylic and other crafts. According to practical experience before, to home to do, and then increase the number of original content industry, this time I only spent more than a month, the ranking of the site in Shanghai and Google came to the first page, I was both excited and was an accident. It also makes me feel my confidence expansion, ability should be able to get higher wages, so he switched to another large equipment company.

This two

is the first enterprise website is a small silk printing equipment company, which belongs to the equipment industry, the main keywords is printing machine. Because is a friend to help build a website, try the Shanghai dragon only, and is the first combat, lack of experience, so after spending more than a year before the final on the home page. It said it may be colleagues to laugh at me, but it is the fact that. The first is to look at how to do web site, see the love of Shanghai ranked in the top three websites, including the distribution of keywords, describes how to write the title of the method, etc.. And then adjusted according to their site conditions. Then there is the hair of the chain, see the peers of the chain where on where to send. After three months of effort, the ranking came up, but is always in the three or four page appearance, can send the chain place are made, it feels like there is no further improvement in strength. Anyway, no friends asked to do rankings, so slowly no enthusiasm, abandoned for a period of time. Until four or five months later, I found the good prospect of Shanghai dragon, decided to take it well, as my occupation. So I will continue to use the printing machine to do the experiment station. I was constantly looking for the website ranking skills, finally let me find some tips. One is placed at the bottom of the page of links, such as color printing machine, double color printing machine and so on all links to the inside pages, in order to increase the degree of correlation, another is to increase the external anchor text.

this is the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the word index is not very high, but because the company is in the higher visibility of the industry, the company not only required ranking, will do website beautiful atmosphere, with enough Granville Technology brand. "

and many Shanghai dragon like Er, I am self-taught. Wanted to start doing web design, web site and results in a group of friends came into contact with the network popularization, slowly turn to the website optimization. So, I was from the beginning for the enterprise website optimization and promotion, and made three of enterprise website. Here I put my experience to share, not to mention what the process wise remark of an experienced person, say, want to have a little bit of help to colleagues.

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