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Pan Jun is not a man. At first, he is a part-time entrepreneur, at the same time, he served as technical manager in quality rice network, is the company’s core member of.

speed transit network small West interview room fifty-sixth Xiao Xi’s words: question: what is the most happy thing? Answer: Pan Jun site is recognized is the most happy thing, so he can be "hard". The days of entrepreneurship are hard but free and fun. At present the company in the domestic kuyiso cool network information classification belongs to the top five websites. The future, the overall goal is to cool the pan easy to do the classification of the information industry 3 strong, he believe in luck, more convinced of the strength to hold on.


believe that every one into the ranks of Wangzhuan friends, the first experience is usually PTC click on the station, such as the relatively well-known foreign NeoBux and then click on the station; the domestic survey stations, such as: the first survey and so on; and hook Wangzhuan, such as sardines; game Wangzhuan, such as: PC balls etc.. I believe this is every comrade must engage in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project, the first step is the Enlightenment of the higher, are the most basic Wangzhuan project for new friends. These Wangzhuan have a common characteristic: super easy to make money, play super simple, one of the most difficult problem is the most easy, is to earn too little. I don’t know if my new friend knows what I mean. That is to say, these in Wangzhuan, very easy, as long as there is network infrastructure will operate, just to earn money is very tired. A penny, or even 0.1 cents, etc., foreign good, 1 cents at a time, the conversion of the RMB is about six points, less than seven cents. A lot of people most is entered Wangzhuan, because I heard a penny less and give up. I often meet the new one to ask my question is, how much they earn a day? Can guarantee that they earn 1000 yuan a month? I smiled and told them not to earn much, first you do not make money, only dozens of pieces of it, and then said that no, I do what Jin ~ this is the most new initial attitude Wangzhuan wangzhuan. In fact, people only see things too one-sided, not even done can earn thousands of pieces of basic Wangzhuan, these projects do not earn thousands of month. Today, talk to new friends about why others earn thousands of dollars a month, while many people don’t make money.

05 years or so, when the classified information website on the Internet fire up gradually, the market and the lack of a can let users free release information platform, Pan Jun by virtue of their observation of the Internet for many years, think this is an opportunity not to be missed. The mature technology has become the basis of entrepreneurship, and easy to cool.

in fact, the idea of entrepreneurship has long been rooted in the heart of Pan Jun: "from the day of contact with society, I have been thinking about entrepreneurship, have their own company.". Although at the beginning is very confused, but down-to-earth, step by step forward, easy and easy to say, the key depends on whether you have passion."

Pan Jun easou


doesn’t have a T-shirt + jeans technology, male standard, no big boss shelf. The company is in the cool CEO pan speed transit network Xiaobian short communication, but relaxed tone revealed a confident and proud moment. Feel free to play with your cell phone to make the interview more comfortable, like a conversation between friends.

began to contact computers in 99 years, contacted the Internet in 2002, and later started his own business, and Pan Jun had an extraordinary passion for the internet. During his college years, he helped his classmates with web pages, studied art for 8 months after graduation, and worked on a small B2C website. Pan Jun admits: "the beginning is not particularly understand, download some of the source code, deal with the boss.". Later I felt that I could not understand the technology, so I learned how to program. After adding meter net work, gradually contact operation and management after starting slowly."

entrepreneurship, the key depends on whether you have passion

disturbed the status quo for the dream of "hard"

here just to listen to the new veterans Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, please pass.

, and many people in the eyes of decent work and generous treatment, and can not bring him satisfaction. Pan Jun said: "before the salary for ordinary working class is also good, but I needed to live a year behind up to save more than 10 yuan, for me personally, I am not very satisfied with this number. Personally, I prefer a free life."

first of all, to have a correct understanding of these basic Wangzhuan project. Project based fly attitude is not very much, you are new, you don’t know Wangzhuan, so make less money for you is not important, the new study is the equivalent of Wangzhuan, internship, these are for the future learning based Wangzhuan Wangzhuan higher level basis, often with the new people say a word, that is no matter make less money, not even money, at least you have experienced. Do Wangzhuan have a gradual process, this to learn English with you, learn to learn vocabulary words, finally learn dialogue sentences. As long as the Wangzhuan hope, since want to do, it would have to adhere to, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, do not listen to others about your thoughts, not to their own personal practice. The most important point, make new friends to a dime to Wangzhuan when the money, do not think that a penny never make money, remember "Many a little make a mickle." truth, as long as the correct Wangzhuan attitude, I believe that soon you will be transformed from a dime into Yishiyibai, these are not difficult. Your new Wangzhuan experience and research at home, those who do good to do a lot of Wangzhuan station, is still the most basic Wangzhuan project, they do a month earn thousands of dollars, what reason not everyone is clear on the > one or two

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