Site optimization should pay attention to the details of share

3, socialization and authority of the details of the


update website content is a lot of details, the weight of high quality content can be given a higher, these details include graphics, and the place with the anchor link the anchor link, the >

2, love Shanghai know details of the

keyword ranking very much, including the weight of the website, the website authority, timeliness of the content of the page quality, rich in content, whether to click on a large amount of readers to stay for a long time, and social factors are related to the keywords ranking, so we should pay attention to the website optimization every detail.

website title and description of the keywords ranking effect is relatively large, so we should grasp the website title and description details. For more on the site title, keyword weight is high, the better the keywords ranking, website title is not too long, if more than the love of Shanghai natural length website title display, the keywords ranking also influence. The best description includes web site keywords, for an article, if you don’t have the energy to write descriptions for each article, the author suggests that the page description is not written, let yourself, love Shanghai, add a description, you just write a good. Of course, there are many details that need attention.

4, update the content details of

We all know that

we do website optimization. As we all know, but why do some sites keywords ranking is very good, but some are very poor, you may wonder why I updated daily original content, keyword ranking but not a long time not update the website ranking. This is the website optimization details are not well, truth we all know, everyone in the update and the chain, only the details better than the opponent, can win, have a good ranking.

1, good site title, description of the details of

in 2012 with the development of the Internet society, the social factors on the impact of the keyword ranking is more and more big, good interactive website, Shanghai will increase the weight of love. And we should pay more attention to the website, love Shanghai authoritative detail understanding, Zac and point why the ranking is so good, but also so stable, the key lies in the site’s authority, there is a certain authority in the industry, so we in the website optimization time, to establish a website to improve the authority consciousness. To keep the site’s authority, and the development of website, improve website, this website details directly determine the future development.

The factors affecting

according to the author’s experience, due to love Shanghai segmentation technology, some key words do not know love Shanghai, we search for a keyword, love Shanghai to return to the results included in the key place will be highlighted in red, if there is no such love, Shanghai do not know the keywords, encounter this kind of situation will need to adjust the keyword the location of such measures, let Shanghai know love your keywords.

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