The concept of the weights of the website and how to enhance the site weight

, a website weight?

we do in Shanghai Longfeng, there has been a problem around us, and give us the webmaster to bring a lot of trouble, but this does not solve the problem it is difficult to do list, here you have to think what is the problem? Of course, I think we all know that the weight is the site of the now. There are many webmaster face in website optimization difficulties when the chain is not delete, it is not in the station will not be included, but the weight of the site can not go up, so do the Shanghai dragon, the weight of our first concern is the web site, and there are a lot of new friends do Shanghai dragon, may the concept of weight the site is fuzzy, so how do not pay attention to your weight, so many novice do Shanghai dragon ranking will always encounter a lot of problems, in fact, a Truth, if your site in the search engine with the weight, then no matter how search engines will be included in your article and station information, hope novice friends can start from now on weight, of course I will share with you some of my experience and methods to improve the weights of the website, can also help the proficient friends do do some weight methods, well below I first to introduce the concept of the weights of the website.

heard some friends website weight do not know what it means, especially the novice friends never heard of your weight, so before we share Shanghai dragon ascension weight method, we will tell you what is Shanghai dragon weight, first of all you hear this word weight will think what is the information content website? The structure of the website or?? in fact, these are some methods to improve the weights of the website, but these methods are not enough, it website cooperation and search engines like, the first search engine server side will have a website reputation value, this value is the credibility evaluation of search engines will give each do a web site, half of the weight fraction of high high, low scores will prove your weight is low, but please do not misunderstand, I said the reputation Not to say that the value of the PR value of the site, the PR value is just the length of time to calculate the site, rather than on behalf of the website the weight, so we have to separate them, and I just said the reputation value, so you can imagine your website weights for search engines on the website of the trust, such as my zsgacctv贵族宝贝 although the station is a new station but the weight is good. The higher the degree of trust, more information will be included, if you believe that the low degree of collection is not high, so we should remember this point, we can imagine that if you are a new website, search engines don’t know your site is safe, is worthy of trust, so it will not immediately included in your this information will also be included, even if hidden, so generally takes 1-2 weeks for search engines to be familiar with your site, if your site is not a long time, and the search engine punishment to pull into the blacklist, so naturally the weight is high, included will be better, if your site has been the search engine blacklist.

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