Shanghai Longfeng data analysis techniques keyword ranking analysis

for Shanghai dragon data, we often focus on the web page included, the chain included love, Shanghai Google ranking, Alex ranking, website traffic analysis based on several aspects, these analysis data for Shanghai Longfeng effect with the help of not too much, but as the basis of the data, they can also be deep for us about the content of the site quality analysis, analysis of the quality of the chain analysis, keyword ranking effect and progress analysis of site traffic conversion value analysis and other aspects of the data, we help the latter to develop more efficient strategy of Shanghai dragon. Today to tell you about their virtual son rain for a more important aspect of Shanghai dragon data: keyword ranking analysis.

ranking analysis involved in addition to the most basic every day we observed keyword rankings, also ranked the number of key words, keywords ranking get progress, many aspects and keywords ranking into effect, the following specific talk about several aspects of this idea.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The marketing method of Shanghai Longfeng as a very basic, but also can be used to various means of marketing, one of the most important work is the Shanghai dragon data analysis, because only the regular analysis of the effect of Shanghai dragon promotion, find out the cause of poor effect, summarize the experience to achieve the best effect, we in order to grasp the overall site of Shanghai Longfeng flow sources and value to the targeted adjustment strategy for Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon website optimization guide to do our better and faster.

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keyword rankings is one aspect of our daily concern, because the main keywords generally we selected, the degree of competition is relatively large, if the transformation from the point of view, although the transformation of these words is not high, but if the ranking, plus a large number of search, certainly the amount of transformation is still considerable, we need to pay attention to keywords ranking, then according to the keywords ranking statistics keyword conversion rate. For example, a period of time our website ranking in third, for a period of time within the first visit IP and customer consultation volume of the two stages of our gap, and then do a comparative analysis, if the first place in our conversion rate is significantly higher than the third, it is necessary for the the word heart to do the first.

a lot of people see keywords ranking, see the most is the main keywords ranking, and some friends may also be concerned about the weight ranking for the keywords we love Shanghai statistics, but the number of true when it comes to statistics of these words, few people do believe. If we look at the key words love Shanghai ranking statistics, especially keyword statistics last month, we will find that in fact there are still a lot of your web site keywords ranking will be good, if you have to do a lot of long tail keywords >

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