Love Shanghai see website true thermodynamic diagram


2. by thermodynamic diagram can see the link, link problems can be seen in three aspects, the link position is correct, if not correct to consider changing the location, name of our link is correct, incorrect and timely fine-tuning of name, link demand if there are problems, if there is a problem that this link is of no use to the customer, can get rid of.

3. for thermodynamic diagram only the beginning of advice to the website homepage installation, we have adjusted according to the demand of home, and then later to adjust the directory page, and our important, high volume products have to go through the tracking data of continuous thermodynamic diagram, >


1., the first through the thermodynamic diagram we can see our catalogue arrangement is scientific, in the heat map we put every directory with the mouse frame, which can display the number of each directory and click on the proportion of their share, they should be arranged from large to small, this is our data to observe a week or two if the number and proportion in the back row of the list click relative front we must consider to adjust it to the front. Figure

love Shanghai love Shanghai heat map is in a statistical analysis of the distribution of the page click on the tool, it is recommended that you install or love of Shanghai, he used the color change to show the distribution of visitors click on the page, click on the map to indicate support for the red heat intensive region, the orange, green it is said by the click less, you can determine the user to click on the content of what is correct, can determine the user’s intention, we do not know our page layout, navigation, anchor text links to do good, we can compare the thermodynamic diagram directly. Figure


, a brief introduction of thermodynamic diagram and function of

second, compared to thermodynamic diagram flow and the overall flow of us, if the difference between the two big hits on the thermodynamic diagram is very low, it shows that our navigation name is set incorrectly, to modify the name.

two, according to the thermodynamic diagram to data analysis

If we look at

many owners may encounter such problems when doing Optimization: our website to optimize the medium, we also use normal optimization means to optimize the site in the outside, everything is normal, but is not included and ranking changes, always can’t find out what causes. If you encounter this problem, confused? This is because you don’t really see what the website, see the website there are still some details, many of the details and analysis of love Shanghai thermodynamic diagram can be very good to explore our website, through the love of Shanghai, PV station, thermodynamic diagram analysis can bounce rate we see the contents of the article in order to improve make our website rejuvenated by fine-tuning, here we analyze relevant data about love Shanghai heat map.


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