How to improve the user experience of the website

now has many new sites like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like emerge, with respect to our webmaster competition in the same type of website is more a day since the competition is more and more big our webmaster should consider how to can get a higher rank and weight of talent shows itself in many sites, today we will be combined with some of the more practical the method and experience to talk about the website optimization Shanghai dragon.

sites are associated with the user experience, because the site has a lot of repeat every day will come to visit you.

two, learn from others, correct their own shortcomings and advantages of

station as the person we need to keep learning every day to increase their knowledge, to see other people’s strengths and advantages we should learn to find if it is timely to correct the shortcomings, so we have to build so that it can quickly good development for the same type of site to our advantage also slowly emerged.

four, adhere to update rhythm

to sites, especially the external links the site we have to spend a lot of time to increase, a good Shanghai Longfeng optimization is absolutely not let their external links the site number, because the number of search engine rankings and the weight and height of the most all depends on the external links to a web site, so we should go to the webmaster website keywords and URLs that can increase the external links, of course, since we went to the promotion and so must be issued with content to publish only in this way can help to increase the search engine on your website weight, recommended here you can go to the webmaster nets, Chinaz, the laggards high weight forum of stationmaster of some of his published articles like website reflections At the end of the article, in addition to websites and keywords is a high quality of the external links.

so we should put the user experience in the first place, a good website must be part of a repeat repeat but not so good to stay, our website must make its own characteristics and can attract users place only in this way will let visitors first visit you the website and remember it, so when we updated the site must take the user experience in the first place in the user’s point of view to update.

Take the best promotion for several hours every day we

three high quality and effective promotion of

we all know Shanghai Longfeng optimization for a web site is a very important step, but also for the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a long-term thing website optimization is equivalent to the promotion and maintenance of the operation of the site, so we cannot do without Shanghai Longfeng optimization to develop good site, since we all know that the optimization is so important, so how can we do to be able to optimize the weight and website ranking to do it.

, the user is GodSince we want to optimize the Daily update

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