Opportunities for nternet start ups that you missed in those yearsWhy not sell time net 280 millio

business needs opportune, very important day, the opportunity to come to seize the chance of success will be much larger. But opportunities are really hard to come by. To fight for luck, to fight for character, to seize the opportunity and prepare for it before the opportunity arises. Today, many successful Internet entrepreneurs have failed, and have missed many good opportunities. Recently, the Internet has been developing for more than ten years. As practitioners, what career and entrepreneurial opportunities have you missed? It attracts many entrepreneurs to answer and see what they say:

Why choose


Wang Xing founded the United States Mission network, rice no, the school network

, founder of Huang Yimeng VeryCD, founder of heartbeat game

2015 national film total box office was 44 billion 69 million yuan, an increase of 48.7%, the media known as "five years of the greatest miracle."". In the latest figures, the box office total of $24 billion 600 million in the first half of 2016 is expected to break last year’s record. In contrast, the growth of the ticket platform business and the rapid development of the film derivatives industry.

until the completion of the acquisition, time net income was released.

business is like to see opportunities missed opportunity, when you want to see Facebook oh why didn’t I think of it, but the opportunity is there, there will be available after Fackbook twitter, the twitter can still after the birth of instagram. Every time I feel like I’ve lost an opportunity to start a business, the next opportunity may be in front of me. So don’t worry too much, get in the right mindset, keep accumulating, trying, preparing for the next chance. When the opportunity comes, all the rewards will be rewarded, just like the chance we had in 10 years of web games.


from the announcement on the equity acquisition of time nets

as a "slow" company, in nearly ten years of development time, time network in the industry has been low-key style, its CEO Hou Kaiwen almost no any interviews. And precisely because of the "slow" temperament, time net for its own profit situation has been tight lipped.

time network when and why to prostitution, Wanda founded in 2006? Time network, has been nearly 10 years of time. Why at this time to

announcement in Wanda, you can find time net loss reached 34 million 51 thousand in 2015, loss of 6 million 831 thousand in the first half of 2016. But even so, Wanda time net performance is still relatively promising, said that time net 2016 is expected to achieve profitability.

it is worth noting that, Wanda in the acquisition of no agreement on gambling, which is relatively rare in the current domestic purchase case, but the time of network, have to say is a good thing, this time will reduce the net profit pressure in a certain extent, so that it can to continue to maintain the current development trend.


, however, Wanda didn’t make any explanation for that. For Wanda’s argument, the media does not agree, "time net in 2015 and the first half of 2016, net profit consecutive losses, meaning Wanda in the after hours, time net profit situation will deteriorate further."".

July 27th evening, Wanda cinema released a notice on the acquisition of time net equity announcement, to $280 million comprehensive acquisition of online ticketing platform time network, has a 100% stake in time network.

for time net >

, what’s there?

lost about 34000000 last year, but Wanda is expected to make a profit this year,

Abstract: the time net, which was founded in 2006, has been close to 10 years. Why at this time away? Why sell Wanda

VeryCD flow is the fastest growing, Alexa 100 of the world’s top, also happens to be the most developed business income SP the best, but we did not do SP advertising, missed the first flow of large-scale realization time;


from 03 years of entrepreneurship to now, in fact, still missed a lot of opportunities.

our software installed the highest amount of time, did not follow the trend to do their own web site, but with a very low price to the default settings of the home page sold to another web site. Each month the site advertising bundled get less than 20 thousand yuan, a few years after we do on the advice of the caoz web site this month there are nearly 200 thousand of revenue, almost a year after the cumulative users reached 1 million monthly income. However, the best opportunity has been missed, less than a few years of accumulation of users;

is the best time this year. If you don’t sell it, you don’t have a chance,

my consistent and real idea is: go ahead.

VeryCD is also the first attempt to do online video website, as early as the potatoes are still using Windows Media embedded Player plugin, Youku has not been born we have started to do a Flash player online video player, but that time is not determined to have no courage to seek investment support. Of course, in retrospect, with the ability of the time, even if the turn of the online video may not succeed;

in this time, the network officially sold.

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