The actual analysis of website tags tags in the role of Shanghai Dragon

It is clear that

on the site tags tag of the article, in the network there are many, but they are all empty talk, give up today with actual situation to show the power of tags. Tags can give us what is included? Focus of stationmaster friends have been concerned about, then tags will be able to master a huge amount collected, so how does it bring to the site included the amount of


index)This >

(case included Shanghai love website screenshot)

(tags label URL was love Shanghai included screenshots)


is a site included to analyze the tags tag in the role of Shanghai dragon. The following up with the same keywords by Adsense on the ranking of tags tag on the role of the. The same with the mobile phone n81nokia software as a case, mobile phone search n81nokia software in Shanghai, ranking the first page.

URL is very easy to be collected, give up with 50 tags tag URL calendar net interest within the search, more than 90% pages is love Shanghai included, a website with a tags tag is always a growth trend, of course, also included is proportional to its.



tags of the site included benefits more than this, we come under the influence of a brief analysis of the website included tags tags. Love is with the Shanghai spiders crawling on the link, the page calendar. For example, this page is labeled by n81nokia software form, then the spider will follow the link to the page, the page is included in the process will increase.

(mobile phone n81nokia software rankings and keywords love Shanghai

webmaster friends all know, compared to the static URL dynamic URL better included, the directory structure is relatively clear. We will see him to this URL collection.

(tags URL label case website page screenshot)

we will use the following calendar fun mobile phone download station analysis, first on a calendar interesting website screenshot.

? Of course,

believe that included more than 270 of the number of it, today regardless of other factors, we only analyze calendar interest tags label. At many sites, including the www.ruanwen5贵族宝贝 tags label his strong brother is to show the form of dynamic, fun calendar this point, he put all the tags tags of URL are static, on a picture to see his url

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