The best teacher is user website optimization

said the best teacher of website optimization is the user, Shanghai dragon really tricky optimization is the site of the rankings, because the ranking factors affected by many effects, can not control, the coefficient of difficulty is so great, why the website ranking optimization, in order to attract more users to click on, because the user hits multiple keywords the higher ranking web site overall will rise to a higher level, the weight is increased, weight increased under the same conditions for the competition, you will have an advantage, because the level of weight equivalent to how much traffic, is one of the factors that affect the search engine ranking results, it is for the user clicks.

into the site from the user’s point of view of vision, they all want to see the joy ", as the boys love to see beauty, girls are fond of handsome, the website needs to increase the viscosity of the user, you must work hard, one hole, everyone is the one and only, each people have their own ideas, choice of color is not the same, which requires the analysis of user web designers of good psychological and color requirements, visual perception and so on, because the user ranking results out rate affect the search engine, if the website jump out rate is high, easy to judge the search engine for low quality because the search engine, not all of them to read the content of your website, only.

"brand is how to create? I suggest you go to the consumer in the middle. Teachers is the only brand to consumers. Who consume my product, I put the who study thoroughly, one day does not study thoroughly, I had a bitter day." Shi Yuzhu teacher to "win in China" player said a word. The same site is how to build a website, get the user to create the best teachers, the site is the user, users click on the site, such as the benefit of user research through the website, then you will be successful, we have no teacher Shi Yuzhu a day without pain study consciousness, but at least to grasp the theme of the site, site what help users, why the user to view your web site, users can get what from the site, improve the user experience, wholeheartedly for customer service, you this website is also successful, because the best teacher is the user of website optimization.

When the user clicks the Why

then at the home page, the user will buy your child you will click on your web page, when users open the browser interface, enter a keyword or phrase, click the search button, the search engine will display the search results on the page (SERP), in the search results page. It is also normal page ranking top ten hits will be relatively large, while the top three hits will account for about 70%, so the Shanghai dragon’s ultimate goal is to optimize the home page before three, when the site in the top three, is not a big gap for everyone, then see if you understand the user, for the user to consider, can attract the attention of the user, will be in the title, description of work, if can be illustrated is the best picture, can better explain the theme of the article, compared with text images To attract the eye.

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