The first step is included new optimization


knew how to speed up new sites was collected, then to analyse the reason why the key sites can not be included in the

network in the world tens of millions, hundreds of millions in the website to find you is not easy, but we have a direct, powerful search engine is to have such ability, usually on the line after 4 – 6 weeks to be included, if not included, it proves that our website there is a problem.

third, robot effect. If it is because the site is set up Robot File caused by the website can not be included, we can only be negligent for their silence. On the site at the beginning of the line, because the site is.

first, the problem of the domain name. In general, if your domain before being punished, so relative to the new domain name is included in it will be difficult. This kind of domain name requires a certain period of assessment, which is identified in the domain name of the site does not exist irregularities, will be re designated as the Website Trust website, which included.

search engine is found on the web crawl – General – filtering information included in the output index, and if your site is not included, then it means that your site is not found in the search engine, or for some reason that even if the site was obviously still crawling is not included. This time we will use two ways to launch our website: first, take the initiative to submit sites and sitemap to Webmaster Platform; second, passive capture, is through the production chain to attract spider crawling. If you want to ask the two forms of high effect, that I can tell you two ways have different emphases, scores of autumn, and the two methods used together is better.

for new sites optimization has not yet started, this is my pain! This situation do not know if you have a friend like me, because of no reason and will be at the root of the problem due to the search engine itself is really so? If I have the same problem with Dennis friends, so we come today with the analysis of

recent thing has been plagued by the author Dennis, which is the root cause of the new online website has not been included in a. I even remember Zhuaernaosai, the search engine is in accordance with its rules to run.


second, but not in advance. Many Shanghai dragon Er could find site when there is a spider crawling over the traces, why still can not be included. This is related to the true spider, today I will not dwell on. We mainly look at those why spiders can crawl the web, we must first understand the spider crawling process to domain name to IP, converted into the corresponding server, DNS, domain name to IP, visit IP to find the server, if the DNS problems or errors in the service provider space will lead to the spider can’t grab. Encountered such a situation, then you only need to change the space business, included problems smoothly done or easily solved.

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