Shanghai Longfeng flooding caused by the huge pressure of Shanghai dragon ER in the future

second: Shanghai Longfeng tariff is more and more high, when more than the auction, Shanghai dragon can survive

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first: the future of Shanghai dragon will be more and more difficult to

with the development of the Internet, and more and more enterprises attach importance to Internet marketing, resulting in Shanghai dragon has become a hot industry in recent years! Huge demand thus leads to a flood of Shanghai Longfeng market in recent years, the Shanghai dragon flood will will be what impact will the Shanghai dragon Er


finally: inevitable trend of Shanghai dragon industry analysis

because of the proliferation of Shanghai dragon led home throne competition is intense, and have the ability to sit on the throne, certainly also more and more high tariff. But we know that the high affirmation is high but the bidding! That is when we through the Shanghai dragon to the home page is greater than the cost of PPC, we Shanghai dragon Er living space and where? Sometimes I have been in doubt, said the Shanghai dragon industry is very popular, but according to the degree that we actually go rampant, can do? This is a great pressure for the Shanghai dragon er.

we know that search engine is the home page ten position, with training, books, network and so on in Shanghai dragon has become mainstream, talent in the increase, the position is so ten. Home page for the throne is more and more difficult to sit, in fact this day many old Shanghai dragon Er is deep. When Shanghai dragon started, casually collected thousands of articles for the chain can easily make a web site traffic, but later collection for the pseudo original, and now in addition to the original, there is no choice! That is very likely in the future, no matter how good a optimization division, face a new beginning, then how do not succeed. And now the Shanghai dragon personal success, will gradually become a team, otherwise it will be difficult to survive! Thus, Shanghai dragon will be working at the huge future competition has become more and more difficult.

for a few years on the formation of occupation and hot industry makes a lot of people to pursue, will face great pressure and challenge. A small number of emerging industries, because the competition is very popular, so. But because that lead to the rapid expansion of the number of the industry, so industry after all collapse, I guess now many Shanghai dragon Er cannot have found work. Coupled with the characteristics of Shanghai Dragon Industry: search engine home position is limited, will lead to more difficult to survive in Shanghai dragon er.

industry talent demand is big, resulting in the rapid expansion of the number of Shanghai dragon industry! But because the search engine home page position limited characteristics, resulting in Shanghai dragon is more and more difficult, Shanghai dragon Er will be difficult to survive. Shanghai Longfeng flood caused in Shanghai Longfeng Er great pressure, I think it is not only my personal concerns.


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