The construction of learning competitors using the chain chain tools

so we own the construction of the chain, usually need to take a look at the chain row in front of the competitors is how to do, for example, we use the Shanghai dragon as an example:

The chain ranking

these links may contain 301 turn, deleted links, so in accordance with the words of love in Shanghai:

we know the web site operators, "chain" is one of the most important link in the Shanghai dragon. Especially in the 3-6 months after the website construction, template, code, space and so on are stable, then the construction of the chain is particularly important. The construction of the chain through the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform analysis tools to study and study of the competition.

so this is what? We still open it with the chain to see:


if I want my website ranking is so good, then I would have to study the chain of competitors. We all know that Shanghai dragon WHY, following by Lou loose chain Shanghai dragon WHY to look at it outside of the chain is how to do.

ranked second in the soso:

The total number of links to the




Most of the original

outside the chain of tools in the original unfiltered information, is to mention your site statistics, the overall situation in the Internet is for reference only, not for illegal purposes.


The chain information display

can check with the chain saw, mostly from the Sina blog, maybe their students and members in the blog text, these links we can imagine, but it is also easy to do.

was later discovered in a further search:

chain from the channel search ask, what is the point to open just a look at these links.


love Shanghai Webmaster Platform is arranged according to the importance of the domain name, so we query the competitors of the chain, are sorted according to the news website, the website, but the ranking order is not representative of the importance of the link sharing site, although there are many outside the chain is from the website. Perhaps sina is the chain free blog, will not work.

we see Soso Ask on the right there is a "open source" of the LOGO display, this is similar to the "love Shanghai" what the experts know.



chain number in the first row of sina:

WHY of Shanghai dragon is very powerful, about the chain of 150W, the personal webmaster and blog for the chain number than it is impossible, but we can see what it did.

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