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often go to search keywords friends will be found in the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai input keywords, the top two is love Shanghai encyclopedia and Shanghai dragon why, and Shanghai dragon why this keyword ranked first already for a long time, through long time observation, the ranking is as steady as Mount Tai, although occasionally because the search engine algorithm while fluctuations, but soon recovered; but now we can find the search rankings, the emergence of new changes, Chinaz a Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query instead of the Shanghai dragon why location:

We found that

from the natural keyword rankings, and some top ranked websites to flow, and no more than in the back row of traffic, perhaps because of their title or description of writing is not good enough, not enough to attract others, resulting in traffic ranking behind the site every day than in front of the. Shanghai love by the change of the algorithm, we can find the search engine more and more attention to the user click behavior on the site, that is to say when we enter a keyword in the search for love, Shanghai natural page, click the number more, then this site is undoubtedly the most high value, to help users is also the largest. Then love will give Shanghai the site weight higher value, make it ranked higher, let more people see it, only one purpose: to create a better user experience.

then we pass on the natural ranking website, click can make the website ranked higher? He is to do a little experiment, click through on their website this gift tea keywords, effect is very effective, it would have been ranked in the second page, click through short amounts of time in it ranking on the front page the first position, even beyond the love of Shanghai development platform, but if your keywords ranking is not in the first two pages, the effect is very limited, such as their own tea prices this keyword, ranked in the 100 outside, the keyword click that ranking did not have big change that can be seen from the search engine is only sensitive to the pages of keywords click, we also know that a careful analysis, under normal circumstances, outside of the top 100 Keywords, impossible in a short time by a large number of users to search, so the effect is not big.

can be found through the analysis of Shanghai dragon why is still very strong, the weight is very high, in the forum almost seconds, you want to catch up with the general site is unlikely, because the Chinaz tool row up is likely to have a relationship with the user’s click, that changed the needs of users, the previous search Shanghai dragon may want to know some basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, click is Shanghai dragon why, and now Shanghai dragon perhaps to some search tool to find Shanghai Longfeng, through the relevant search we found Shanghai Longfeng tool is relatively large demand:

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