The website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems often encountered summary

2. web space server problem, many websites use space was used before, and be right down the space. Because the space is IP, the space IP has a bad record in love Shanghai database, you use the same will be.

I think there are several reasons inside, for example: your site weight is not high enough, the readability of your not high, your article is high weight website reproduced, various reasons lead to your site articles not included.

two, love Shanghai updated keywords ranking drop, the author thinks that there are two aspects as follows:

, love K sea over site included more slowly, to 3-5 months. Of course, there are a lot of master only a month’s time can be resolved, the key lies in how you remedy, your site is the K problem is what reason, these aspects are very important.

1. you have done enough keywords within the chain and the chain anchor text, others more than you.

website optimization will encounter many problems, especially some new problems will be more and more. Do Shanghai dragon will slowly accumulate relevant knowledge, not previously known problems will be learned in the process of accumulating knowledge, I believe that many veteran has deep experience. Here in order to let everyone know more and more convenient to understand these common problems is the Shanghai dragon, often asked the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization summary written down, below for your reference:


four, love Shanghai and noble baby

I think: the content of the website is updated every day is necessary, if the updated daily articles of good quality, with appropriate high quality the chain guide, stick to it will soon have a snapshot update.

recently, according to a problem many novice asked more elaborate, is the site is down right below It is without rhyme or reason., summed up the 3 points we look at it:

three, the website is updated daily snapshot has not updated

1. website template, as your website template is used too much, if you drop right, may hurt you.

Shanghai dragon ?

loves Shanghai and Google algorithm have relatively large differences, the reason is love Shanghai more manual intervention, but that is the same principle. There are basically the user experience is good, not cheating, timely, high quality original articles, the quality of the chain, you will get good rankings.

2. user experience, your site search over to find content, so give your keyword ranking dropped.

five, K also fell in love with the sea to restore


six, right down to

, why every day increased the original article love Shanghai or not included in the

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