The title page optimization should start from it

whether it is a simple single page or the entire article, the home page of the site, directory page and other important page, the title is the indispensable content of course, for every webmaster, planning of each page title is also very important work content. Such as small series has recently been in the study site — Hefei talent network, the title must meet the theme, but also reflects our core keywords, so the title of the study is the small series have been doing, and spend a lot of time to do some. This is just a home page, other page title should follow the same rules and layout research.


we all know, the search engine should be popular for a long time, the information on the Internet is overwhelming, if you want to make your search engine included, then have a unique repeat title is very important. The title page optimization is often referred to as the first factor, the most important is the search engine to determine the correlation of the page. So Xiaobian give editors advice is: try to write a manual of each article title, as far as possible to be unique, and not repeat.

3, don’t forget the title word limit

1, your title should not repeat the unique

of course, small to share is not the title of the home page set today, select the page title but seemingly simple. Of course, this is the editorial staff should be part of the implementation, but in order to achieve good results of the optimization of the site, in general, each Shanghai Longfeng practitioners need to study a template, and then let the editors, add this article can better meet the preferences of search engine. So if you want to make the site the article page is more likely to be included, so need to pay attention to the first part of the title. The title not only need to reflect the theme of the article page, needs to reflect the keywords of the page to do. This does not, Xiaobian to tell you how to optimize the



In fact,

of course, from the developer’s perspective, the length of the title is arbitrary, if you want it, you can not.

, search engine and a person, do not love "quite different", so as a Shanghai Longfeng practitioner, you must pay attention to your site whether there is such an article page, if any, just delete it. Each page of the title should accurately describe the content of a page, whether the user or search engine can be the first time for you to have a general impression, but not read "found nothing". Many novice Er Shanghai dragon will certainly ask you not to say that the title is best with the keywords? In fact, if you can accurately describe the content of a page, then your target keywords will naturally appear in the title! Don’t believe me, you can go back to try

2, the title and the text pages must be accurately related to

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