Webmaster experts love Shanghai Shanghai dragon each one sticks to his argument of meaning


Lee and ZAC love Shanghai invariably stressed don’t love Shanghai snapshot, to analyze the web log spider, but at present, China webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER analysis ability of Web log, compared to two years ago, I Shanghai Lee first answer "love Shanghai snapshot" problem has been a great leap forward. But even in this case, China, webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER>

in Shanghai Longfeng users to answer questions in A5 when the baby said: "originally the function of web page snapshot is when a web page does not exist, you can see this page snapshot information. I don’t know why everyone is going to see this snapshot of time, this time only snapshot that search engine visited your site at this time. The snapshot information is not the same, because your query mode is not consistent. This (snapshot) and ranking not what relation."

timestamp is given to internal staff also brought problems, so the owners and users, there are obvious problems. So, my suggestion is not too concerned about this time stamp. If you expect to see spider behavior accurately, the most direct method is web log analysis".

in recent years, the web page (i.e. web page snapshot love Shanghai love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon snapshot date) although experts has denied it has what the actual significance of Shanghai dragon, even love Shanghai Lee also contemptuously referred to it as "time stamp", but all love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, the China webmaster attention to love Shanghai snapshot but grow with each passing day.

ZAC in response to netizen "I want to ask some station snapshot is always the next day, recently this time always stop at No. 10, did not respond, some new sites have been included in the 1, but is still not snapshot (when) (time) update is not stable" said: "the question is love Shanghai? (love Shanghai) have different index database, server, the number of large, often a problem. As long as the normal spider, rankings, traffic is no problem, not too much concern snapshot a few days later or ten days".


A5 Wyatt in marketing (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/) first and we take a look at you to view connoisseurs love Shanghai snapshot:

in August 10th this year, "love Shanghai station reception day" to answer users’ questions, Lee said: "a snapshot of the update time, especially the update time of the home page, I have been advised not to reference, this time with the value of the site without any relationship".

Lee in snapshot love Shanghai love Shanghai webmaster club "love Shanghai" update to answer users’ questions, said: "we are within the results page timestamp (after URL) very tangled, there are plans for rectification. In fact, some search engines have been the time stamp removed, and replaced with real time web page update.

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