On the improvement of eight love Shanghai Ranking Ranking Factors

navigation structure to clear, the best use of text links links, each page should have links to

6, web link structure factors

, the content of 2 factors

domain name age has great influence on the rankings, with good record, file name directory by letters, not more than two layers, do not use Chinese set file name. URL short, to use static address.


: clothing collocation network: 贵族宝贝fzdapei贵族宝贝 please indicate the source

4, web publishing details of

7, keywords layout factorsKeywords

5, domain name, file name, URLThe

server instability will affect the love of Shanghai is a snapshot of the search engine spiders crawl, if there is a half of the age, if the server is stopped for a night, all second days will become key words on page second. The best choice of space is independent of IP, it is also the site of the search engine included a very friendly, and will not be punished with other sites with IP.

do not overlap.

Meta set 3-7 can be set to 40 characters within the description.

1 server, factorsThe

the name of the web site keywords keywordsKeywords This article from the

8, the reverse link factors

reverse link does not represent multiple ranking, the reverse link to the quality, good quality, fewer links can also have a high ranking. To add a little bit every day.

try to use div+css design, typesetting and several modules, the latest articles, popular articles.

search engine is the original love, at least to the height of the original artifacts, the others never acquisition doesn’t change, so the search engine is not love, even if included, generally not to rank, unless you stand weight high, collect relative probability will be not included many.

1_ 2_ 3-

3, title and meta factors

Title is set to smooth, three keywords + site name, the most important keywords on the

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