How to find a resource Links

these platforms only provide friend exchange chain convenience to the webmaster, how to deal.

when the exchange of a chain, the first problem encountered is that what I’m going to the local exchange chain? In fact, if we just want to go to one place exchange chain, this idea is very limited, we should take the initiative, not just to a place sometimes, is to add an occasion, to discover, to reach a mutual friend chain to swap.

go9go: Links platform resources is very wide, the quality is relatively high, at the same time the requirements of exchange conditions are relatively harsh.

sum up, we want to discuss is how to find the method of a chain, so here to share with everyone my usual work is how to find the chain of friends.

is a way which is the webmaster often used, because the third party platform Youlian gathered in various industries website, website quality is very high, want to change a chain, see how you talked to him. Here to remind some owners love to buy Ali slightly links, Shanghai will have love Scindapsus algorithm this road is poisoned, so don’t think. It is recommended that several friends of the chain platform to you here (according to use frequency ranking):

Links is the most favorable Shanghai dragon hand resources. If you try to find a job, the interviewer may ask you have no resources? If you have high quality resources, it also is half. So the question is, how to find high quality resources? How to accumulate, these resources will be used to work for

will not miss any work Many webmaster in

2. Youlian

50896 platform: the platform there is a feature not only can exchange links, from here you can also sell and buy some links, contact is still a failure, but it is not to be removed, so the general quality.

? Third party platform

1. QQ

yes, can say 99% people have a QQ. So in a certain industry sure someone will build the QQ group, here is our first base. Join relevant industry QQ group by QQ plus group, such as the author’s personal blog "Shanghai dragon road" because the site is not a long time, at present only the exchange of 3 friends of the chain, the three friends of the chain are from the QQ group. Moreover, QQ group not only swap chain, can also carry out the discussion and Research on a certain industry, let your knowledge up to the next level. This point is usually we will do is not to say.

webmaster helper network: resource is also very wide, and can find the way to contact, but the link quality did not feel go9go, but also a very good platform.

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