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Longchamp sold some limited edition handbags on WeChat CEO Jean Cassegrain, Longchamp said: "customer feedback is very good." They are thinking of selling more goods on WeChat. No matter what, WeChat will make a lot of contribution to our sales."

in March this year, the Tencent was transferred to OMG President Liu Shengyi as chairman of the Tencent advertising, OMG position by the Tencent Inc chief operating officer Ren Yuxin concurrently. At the same time, Ren Yuxin or IEG mutual entertainment, SNG SOCIAL, MIG mobile these three direct leadership of the plate. Many people believe that the Tencent may eventually converge into a large advertising platform.

according to the Wall Street Journal reported that the French luxury brand Longchamp Longchamp and British Burberry Burberry has begun to sell handbags and clothing in WeChat. LV’s Givenchy and Dior brands are testing users’ demand for their products through flash purchases on WeChat platforms.

many unfinished entrepreneurs lack the gritty qualities of Agam. Agam not only know how to love, but also know a lot of entrepreneurs are not particularly aware of the truth: this world only one is down-to-earth, not because of the short-term effect is not good and denied he has to wait for the accumulation of quantitative change to qualitative change, if you give up in the next second, may not be able to see the next second will appear the dawn.

from the Tencent in recent quarter earnings, previous to the game as the main sources of income, seems to gradually change, WeChat’s business has gradually accelerated in the four quarter of 77%, growth effect of advertising revenue, mainly due to the WeChat circle of friends, Tencent mobile news application and WeChat public account advertising revenue contribution.

APP upgrade, attract a lot of luxury goods, WeChat also began to "seduce" in luxury.

36 krypton recently reported that Tencent’s advertising system will usher in a new round of adjustment. OMG network media business group under the effect of advertising business wisdom, exchange, push, will be classified as CDG enterprise development business group under the banner of a wide pass. Overall, it is a system that further identifies brand advertising and effective advertising.

sports commentator Huang Jianxiang once said that people who complain about wasted opportunities in football can’t be good strikers. Behind this theory, I can not help thinking of that struggling Agam. Agam may not be quick and sharp, but he can be a pioneer. Because he never complained, never for the temporary difficulties tangled, always know where to continue. As described in Li Shangyin’s poem, "spotted horse is Chui Yang shore, where the good southwest wind", Agam does not care about where is the critical point of success, he just did it at all costs, constant to wait for the fate of a butterfly.

earlier 36 krypton compared Tencent and Facebook business see the ten chart, see Tencent >

film "Agam", is what Singer calls a positive example. He always insists on doing one thing, namely, running constantly. As Agam ran long enough, he finally ran out. Agam is a person with lower intelligence and natural disabilities. If he can succeed, what reason can he give up?

Tencent is using its huge social network to attract luxury fashion brands to enter WeChat apps, which may open a new front in the field of online retailing.


Tencent will undoubtedly help these cool luxury brands to be more interested in advertising on WeChat.

Agam, the hero of the

Philharmonic City

entrepreneurial success? Is the resources and opportunities or ability and cleverness?? "" entrepreneurial state and co-author of the Israeli American writer Saul · Singer said: "for the person that do poineering work, an idea, an idea is not the most important, in the face of service attitude, in the face of difficulties persist more important."

Tmall has just announced the What is the

is the first step in the long march is certainly valuable, but Singer believes that every entrepreneur to succeed, the final sprint stage is more important. Most people are abandoned in the fight against setbacks and difficulties, fail on the verge of success. Singer said his experience with serving in the Israel Defense Force helped develop a strong will, and he believes that the constant spiritual force is the key factor to support the entrepreneur.

attracts luxury goods and sells ads on WeChat?

this year, Tencent also simplified the process of publishing multimedia ads and opening stores on WeChat, making the platform more attractive to luxury brands. Liu Chiping, President of Tencent, said this month that WeChat is playing a bigger role in the business world.


in fact, in some classic works of film and television, we do not see the concept of Saul ·, Singer emphasized. This is not a coincidence is not accidental, but is the same as the law.

games have always been a big part of Tencent’s revenue, accounting for 60% of their revenues, but recently Tencent has begun to focus more on advertising revenue. The proportion of total gaming revenues has declined for several months, accounting for less than half.

Abstract: Agam is what Singer calls "typical". He always insists on doing one thing, that is, running constantly. He ran long enough and finally ran out. "For an entrepreneur, an idea is not the most important," says the author of the country of entrepreneurship. "The attitude to the task and the insistence on the difficulty are more important."."

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