Keywords set to name Shanghai dragon analysis error

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said this keyword setting method is wrong, should be to subvert the views of many people, as mentioned above, this method has been set up disaster caused by flooding water. But I want to ask is, use this keyword setting method and made love in Shanghai ranked in the top three, there are several business searches and received the love Shanghai index shows that the relative etc.. For example, Henan Shanghai dragon day love Shanghai index is 100, then the top ranked websites every day should have at least 90 visits per 500 visitors, assuming a single transaction, it should at least a week to take a single Shanghai dragon project, that is to say, to at least 4 projects received a a month. Well, I want to please.

has been in the last more than 20 days, according to the words "Henan Shanghai dragon" Shanghai dragon, a period of time before the row to the second, and then I wrote an analysis of how I put the key words do second of the results, this article issued second days to go to Shanghai, I love this keyword search. The blog is ranked first, and until today. However, in my time and a slightly knowledgeable customer when chatting, his sentence is a reminder of the serious problems, he said do Shanghai Longfeng customer does not know what is the Shanghai dragon, so they will not use the words "Henan Shanghai dragon" to search. From the customer’s language inspired some analysis of their own plus, I got the "keyword names + Shanghai dragon" setting is the wrong conclusion, then the analysis from the following aspects:

third, why "keyword names + Shanghai dragon" setting is the wrong way to

of this problem is actually meaningless, you can use the "name + Shanghai dragon" in the way of love Shanghai search, a search for "Henan Shanghai dragon", will find that N site in keywords of this type as the core optimization. Look at these sites Links, almost all the anchor text somewhere in Shanghai dragon. Which website or blog owners are informed of Shanghai dragon, and even the professional practitioners in Shanghai dragon. So, the conclusion is that this method set of keywords in Shanghai is now the Dragon circle is quite common.


this is a good explanation, mainly because of two things. One is that the subjective practitioners of Shanghai Longfeng customers will use this way to search, so these keywords are especially fond of. Two because this idea has been verified in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners love Shanghai index. Take the words "Henan Shanghai dragon", love Shanghai index shows that every day there are about search volume of about 100. I believe in other regional and Shanghai dragon named website and blog in the setting of key words before, must be the love of Shanghai index.

first, "keyword names + Shanghai dragon" setting method has more than

second, why "key setting method names + Shanghai dragon"

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