Shanghai dragon optimization five mistakes and let you avoid sublimation

many people generally believe that the purchase of the old domain name than the new domain name should be included, and the rankings faster, this view is correct in the past, but now, buy a new domain name included more easily than the old domain name, and the old domain may lead to delayed ranking. >

this stage is the chain to see who publish more, see article amount and number who update, basically not what technical exchanges, not what the special advantage of

said the third stage is a whole Shanghai dragon, refers to the overall, the whole mechanism such as: a site construction company, so to do is the website construction company, technology, customer orders, the whole Shanghai dragon. Instead of a single "Shanghai dragon optimization.


(Search Engine Optimization) – dragon, Chinese translation for search engine optimization, the Shanghai dragon time popular phrase: "content is king, the chain for emperor"


1, the content of the update and the chain release stage

Shanghai dragon

2, Shanghai dragon.


this stage is Shanghai dragon development stage, he is not only the content of the update and the chain release, also need to consider the correlation, this algorithm introduced a spread of 15% sites down the right, this is a very serious phenomenon, in this period, we study the black hat is more serious. For example; the black chain, the chain to buy

official website released an official experience this concept; a new concept raised above the red part of the text is the official Google is sitting in Shanghai Longfeng work speaks in the heart of CEO

, what is the Shanghai dragon



Is very boring and simple Google

B 2, the needs of our customers and how to position the

five Shanghai dragon should avoid misunderstanding1, the domain name and included

is divided into three stages:

B1, according to industry user habits, to follow the customer service department to locate our website and our website


3, we present the Shanghai dragon called integrated Shanghai dragon, he is not content to update and release of the chain, to do more on the chain. He is a combination of mining network marketing and user experience, the user experience is a process, is a true love Shanghai to start Shanghai dragon, is the sea of love 2011 Shanghai dragon recognized, in addition to Shanghai dragon 1 webmaster guide assistant, start. We are doing Shanghai Longfeng things, operating in the heart of ceo.

B, why Shanghai dragon is a whole of the Shanghai dragon

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