The connotation of restaurant management point of view to understand the Shanghai Dragon

as the Shanghai dragon worker, to deal with the search engine every day, will go to ponder the search engine ranking algorithm which based on the site every day, will go to study what method can make the site more search engine in favor of a day. As we all know, do Shanghai dragon cannot do without experience and practice, many times, we can change an angle to understand Shanghai dragon, perhaps, you will understand the Shanghai dragon road more help.

Whether it is Chinese restaurant

: a website structure design

wine >

restaurant signs must be clear, clear, highlighting the core business style. There can be no business Chinese style restaurant sign of Japanese cuisine. Site title description must highlight the content of the website can let users understand the core, the main project site management in the first time. Frequent restaurant signs changes will only bring customers questioned: "boss? For flavor? Experience do not go?……" Frequent site title change, will only make the search engine more attention to the site, he will first examine the website what do you want? What is the website

to do what?

, or Western-style food, or Japanese food, any flavor will make reasonable decoration according to different style, fashion and tasteful decoration can give guests bring comfort, directly affects the guests dining mood. The structure of the website is whether the design is reasonable, beautiful appearance, can visually give users a sense of pleasure. This will directly affect the user first impression of the website. The work must be done, these have a direct impact on the follow-up work of the Shanghai dragon.


restaurant once the normal operation, is the 365 day of operation, the day of suspension of business will bring losses to the restaurant, and the business will get more guests questioned, did not get the trust of the guests, most such estimates there is no way to the hotel in the business. Spatial stability directly affects the user experience. Often cannot open the website search engine don’t try to increase the weight, not being K away can be lucky.

website security

if the site as a restaurant, then the search engine is the market, how to make the restaurant a foothold in the market, profit. You need to see Shanghai Longfeng workers how to optimize the website.

three: website space

there is a problem to find the love of Shanghai ", each time with the guy I talked to everyone to find answers, he is always there with a naive smile told me this sentence. In daily life, believe in looking at you, when a problem can not get the exact answer, will attempt to find the answer to fall in love with the sea. Love Shanghai, China search engine overlord, already in the imperceptibly instead of our childhood worship the "one hundred thousand why". Admittedly, in modern life, the search engine has become our habit".

two: Site Title

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