Shanghai Longfeng thinking why is familiar with business entities than in Shanghai dragon is easier


2016 has passed, the time passed quickly, recalling the years of Shanghai Longfeng process, I found a phenomenon, together with the original Shanghai dragon buddy, there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng level is not good, is not proficient in the class of Shanghai dragon, but fared very well, it is earned money.

my friend, there are some people who switch to Taobao, Taobao in 2016 to sell slimming products, harvest. WeChat has become more and more difficult, the consumption of mass viral advertising increasingly disgusted, also can join the food, just nature is not the same as ever, not so simple.

decoration industry is a hot industry, but now the optimization decoration site more difficult than ever, so if you contact the industry relatively unpopular, not many competitors, then hurriedly go, the sooner the more favorable, don’t care about those keywords is low, not bothered to do. As a career to do, a long time to consider, to have foresight strategy, it can be said that 10 years ago Shanghai Longfeng not many people, but now the search ranking Shanghai dragon home website, the annual income is very considerable. < >

so, a novice is not considered in the study of Shanghai dragon, why do I have to learn how to play the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon of the value of the future? Of course, there are also some people with love of Shanghai dragon and dedication, continuous research and exploration of Shanghai Dragon technology, finally a little. Specialize in, no matter what, do fine will make money. I just suggest in the process of learning practice, always think back when the novice Shanghai dragon of the mind, and be reflective according to the status quo. A lot of people are doing Shanghai Longfeng blindly, to the final effect is not ideal, gradually give up.

because a lot of people completing the Shanghai dragon, to optimize some low difficulty keywords, but do not know what to do, can not correctly and can not play a real industry docking, Shanghai Longfeng value, it is a pity. I think this is very much a class of people, especially college students, although with the ability to quickly grasp the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, and optimized, but have no suitable project.

these people have a characteristic, they are familiar with the business entity. For example, I know a young man, before is migrant workers, specifically to help others to paint the house, every 200 yuan of income. His boss is a small contractor, every day to pull business, large business department from contacts. Later, he accidentally come into contact with the network, learning Shanghai Longfeng, built a local decorate website, after two years of effort, now own when a small boss.

he was successful, there are two reasons, first is not difficult to optimize regional keywords, the second reason is the most important, he followed the others mixed decoration industry for several years, basically all aspects are very clear, design contract offer, so he received from the site after the list can easily cope with. And complete the task well, this is very important.

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