There is no traffic conversion of how to break

to the first point of the case, the user can browse the content of the website is comfortable, but if not your site content and web page title and description, or is that the site does not provide the title of the service, they will leave immediately, because so many websites on the Internet, did not want the content found on this website, and then to the next web site to find, to complete this action this is something every minute. To achieve the transformation.

users through the search engine search keywords or according to the external links to the site, browse a part of web content, if the content is the overall experience he wanted and the site is also very good, give him enough to trust that he will try to call or by other means online consultation.

1, website visual experience

The overall design of the According to the above

2, the content of the website is in accordance with the user requirements of

site is beautiful determines the first visual user, website design a messy (the variety of colors, layout confusion, font size color matching, etc.) is what the user sees after the first thought: This is not a reliable company or the site is not a virus, after users. In this sense, the transformation is impossible.

the rapid development of mobile Internet, many users in the mobile phone, tablet computer to find relevant information and services, especially for the local service industry, such as decoration industry, tourism industry, notebook repair, logistics etc.. This type of website must have a website, mobile end users browse, the traditional PC station in the mobile phone can’t see. Although the user search keywords in the mobile terminal, love Shanghai according to the specific circumstances of transcoder on the PC side of the site, users can view, but not all sites are suitable for transcoding, even transcoding is successful, is not consistent with the user’s browsing experience 100%.

solution: with the mobile terminal traffic gradually overtake the PC side, want to get more traffic entrance, launched a mobile terminal site without delay, and also give customers a professional feeling.

user access path, cause website no orders is very clear.

solutions: website re revision, don’t forget to change rules in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform submitted, the simplest is to use the new domain name, the old station 301 to station.

website online, the next day after work more arduous, if the site is not profitable, there is no beginning to do. This period of time, many webmaster and I exchange this problem, how the site is not a customer, not an order? Especially those sites to do the bidding, every day in the sea love burn, is no obvious effect. According to the operation success and failure site as experience, coupled with the exchange and the webmaster, summed up the following reasons and solutions.

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