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who is in the box?

Internet is composed of a frame, or we can use the Internet world compared to a huge prison, and built the prison is a prison house every Internet enterprise, belong to different enterprises, big and small, big can accommodate tens of thousands or even hundreds of millions of people, such as Tencent and Sina micro-blog small, there may be only a few people, such as watercress group or group of people. Of course also allow people to visit between different prison homes. The first reason we enter a prison house is seen at the entrance of the prison house of temptation, love Shanghai can find the information we need, the Tencent can let us find friends, Lily let us find a lover, watercress let us find like-minded people and so on. We use the search box at most, but we have little to stay too long, because he is a supermarket, we found something down and out, so simple. But with the deepening love Shanghai product development, Post Bar, know, library, we have begun to long time in supermarkets around, although we don’t want anything. Who is in the box so the problem is simple, all built prison, all want to frame the user, just with different temptation or build different style rooms.

how to box?Early

freedom really is our innate desire? So how do we explain we have for a free attachment? If we feel comfortable and relaxed, so we in the "self closing process", this movie, durance, narrow, but let the female lead to hitherto unknown peace, how can we explain? We think Internet is a free world, but we are hamstrung by the search box. And it no longer.

framed the way users very easy to understand user needs something, directly enter the store address, also is the site, get something. But the problem is, this address is not easy to remember, there may be more users want to select and in different stores. Then, the search engine will appear, you need something, tell the search engine, search engine according to their own set of algorithms, which is a black box, give you a series of similar things, of course, of which there may be bad or illegal, for example, have fallen in love with the sea of fake advertising. The user can freely choose. In this way, love Shanghai and Google put their homes built huge prison. But one thing is not convenient, users need to love Shanghai or Google counter to buy something. The Google browser can solve this problem. The address bar and search box, be made one, users do not have to go to the counter, can be directly input what you want at home. So a variety of browsers in the user home search box at pitch camp. As the main battlefield of the competition is too fierce, some companies began to Zoupian Jian Feng, some from the perspective of user security of the search box, such as 360, some.

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