You don’t know the secret of Shanghai Dragon the hair of the chain do not rank

The first

that is customer satisfaction. This includes the personal feel, when browsing the web browsing time, each page of the website to bounce rate, site traffic and user entry trajectory etc.. In the end, in fact, can be summed up in four words, the four characters that we "a commonplace talk of an old scholar user needs, the most vivid example is the 2012 love Shanghai encyclopedia and love Shanghai also know are ranked in less conspicuous position, but the algorithm change since we can see what no matter what industry keywords, love Shanghai home no matter how there will be a big figure of love Shanghai encyclopedia and love Shanghai know, many people will say that it is love Shanghai dotes on his" son ", but in fact, Wikipedia because of its authority and love Shanghai audit severely makes the advertising nowhere to hide, to solve the cognitive needs of mass users.


my site Bainaohui is a typical auction station, station cannot update information, not all of the friends of the chain, fortunately no keywords ranking, although the anchor link is not much, but the overall structure is remarkable, the whole structure.

core, since occupied 1/4 chain system do you take what to make up? Here I take your example to explain

Finally, we talk about the


quality score a website itself is a big head, in a large number of different. Fill the Internet made out of the station and the stability of the template, unable to let the human look the domain name, the domain name of Hongkong. Love Shanghai for the server site, the overall structure of reading speed and is the site of the site also has a very high demand. At the same time for the website the whole contents of the value are quite strict criteria, the content of the website must have timeliness (you can’t have moved in 2013 to 2003, the content) have scarcity (love Shanghai news source is to grab headlines, as well as possible) how many users (including the original content, quality and non original), which constitute the basis of site.

is the highlight of our second Shanghai dragon, chain and chain of voting, high weight of the chain and the chain to the site can often bring high vote advantage. But here, we will find that in the end the chain also occupied the entire Shanghai Longfeng system about 1 /4 proportion. With the recent love Shanghai evolve its own algorithm rules, we can clearly see the love in Shanghai outside the site itself adds a large class.

chain, a synonym for Shanghai dragon industry, the industry is famous in the chain for the emperor, the chain is king. Some people see the title I might ask me, brother, you wrong me, "don’t, then you’d better hold the child to go home. So what is the truth? Here we must first love from Shanghai ranking rules about. I believe that a little common sense will know love Shanghai ranking may not only divided into inside and outside the chain chain, inside and outside the station, he has a sophisticated and complex tectonic division.

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