You can modify the site title

third, do not modify the content


reduction is generally Never mind, because after the reduction of keywords is conducive to more accurate title, keywords ranking. But there is also a case of keywords is to reduce the demand for web content, and the key is. For example, the content of the website is the bucket elevator, the title is the bucket elevator – buried scraper conveyor. But if time is reduced by deleting bucket elevator this keyword, then ranking will be very bad. The third is the title cut content is not reduced, such as the title which is the bucket elevator – buried scraper conveyor. In order to do scraperconveyor ranking deleted in the title, but the content there scraperconveyor content. This is conducive to the keywords ranking, but if the content, do the title has more advantages.



, fourth, modify the

increased generally will lead to a drop in, because of the increased weight of keywords is the title will be diluted. For example, given the title of the site is love Shanghai 10 set has 2 words, then 2 is the weight of each keyword distribution, if we add 2 words then the weight of each keyword becomes 2.5. The weight given less, ranking competition is small. From the demand point of view is to increase the site keyword content to expand the scope, but now more and more tend to fall in love with the sea rather than a grocery store.

Keywords Keywords First, increase contentSome

many beginners are seniors told nervous must not modify the title at the beginning of learning Shanghai dragon, modify the drop right or be K. Some people say what changes did not modify title, but there will be a better ranking. So what can modify title? In fact, there are four cases:


Shanghai dragon did love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search needs analysis in the changes of the title of the time, and according to the web page layout. Such as the title of a web site is a bucket type lifting machine scraper conveyor, but the content of home all around the bucket elevator to do a bucket elevator pictures, bucket elevator structure diagram. Then I will modify the title for bucket elevator – bucket elevator Map >

when did not modify keyword search keywords to analyze the needs of users, so when the title is in accordance with their own ideas to change, even worse is the home page of the content is not consistent with the keywords in the title, so this will lead to modify the site right down. As your store is selling beef, you hang a sign on the door reads the dog that is not customer to a next purchase would not dare to come to your store? Because he wants your sign on the goods, but you have not provided. The same love Shanghai given the hang tau sell head meat website will not give good rankings, modified will drop right or K stand.

, reduce

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