Three methods of make the website more friendly to search engine

search engine is the pursuit of the good experience of the user, the pursuit of a collection of web pages can be honest and reliable to search for users to bring substantial things". A way to search the core idea of the lead. Since the search engine are the pursuit of the user experience, we rely on the search engine to live small webmaster should be more and work together in pursuit of the user experience, so as to fundamentally to the search engine more friendly, relative to the search engine more love their station. Cheating and deception are contrary to the basic principles of the search engine, the final result is not K is right to be reduced, it is vulnerable.

every day to make the search engine to know the website, annoyed the spider is not included directly. There are other major labels do not change, to be a one-time change, if you want to change it, it should be a little change, let the search engine is not easy to detect, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to the site. In addition such as H tags, keywords, description, once identified after do not modify, the purpose is to let the search engine pay attention to their own website, a modified lead for a long time the recovery process.

a stable website never comes back, what is not included, the contents of the snapshot site is K situation. Of course, if you use the search engine that cheating means to optimize it, it’s different. The website is not only the spatial stability, including whether other factors such as stability, site structure, a three day five days to change the layout of website is not regarded as a stable website. And if Gesanchaiwu to modify the title, a title, then don’t talk about what the stability.


method: to maintain the stability of

method two: the quality of

is a website of the soul, is also an important factor affecting site ranking. So, to the site to search engine more friendly, then updates to the site quality content is the only choice. Usually have a quality more than ten articles and articles to the content, this is one of the common sense Adsense know. Why not a lot of acquisition station ranking, the reason is that the content of the website is of low quality, the network repeatability is too high, a lot of not much less, many articles, such content there are dozens or even above articles, also included in your business, and want to use the collection content makes the site more friendly the search engine "



worked hard to do stand by K all night, so webmaster want the website to the search engine more friendly, more high ranking, so naturally we should follow the idea of search engine, improve the user experience, because all these effects are established based on the good experience in the user. Anyway, these do not related website bad where to go. So how to improve the degree of friendly website search engine, the author to three points.


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