Although NetEase play nofollow do not affect the blog site for service

the more than 8000 visits are the direct access to the. No one could remember my blog address directly into the access in the search engine, then the direct access is self generated on NetEase. I would like to be at the time of writing this article is recommended to the relevant column, will be attracted so many clicks.

open source code, see nofollow, you will find a lot of places on the label. So many people think that such a NetEase do, almost no use value. It is better to give up.



we can see there are similar search, search keywords hot news, results page "news" into the rolling moment, showing the latest news. When the train collision, on the train "

hot news again, I put on other sites, click rate are better than NetEase. Why is the NetEase blog has a strong backing of NetEase — a series of products, especially in the news.


if you had a well maintained blog, suddenly let you away, you don’t care how to do? It is a change in use by traffic. As everyone knows, the NetEase’s flow is very difficult to do, if you do 5K, in the same energy, fell in love with the sea to over a million. So many people choose to love Shanghai space. I don’t think a NetEase really has no value. The NetEase has a strong backing, the NetEase news. Below we look at the screenshot of my blog traffic NetEase:

A5 today to see an article on "something that the blog promotion chain blog is still hot", the author of the article for good blog, referred to the NetEase. I also love the chain by NetEase. But now the NetEase is also playing a nofollow. The following is a blog.

This text

is a hot event, the contrast of the two articles, why so much difference?

NetEase opened in December 27, 2010, by the end of September 5, 2011 13:28 is 8660. of the total traffic flow is not much, but before July 24th, the total volume of less than 200 of my visit. Then why are there so many? Use hot events


source code:

A rel=" is above <; nofollow" href=" 贵族宝贝ccdzt贵族宝贝" > Shenzhen private detective < /A > original "


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