A are you cheating innocent or ignorant

we need to recognize the essence of optimization. Shanghai dragon some things are hard to define right and wrong, the search engine that you are wrong, may also is not necessarily wrong, but there are some problems accumulated too much, from quantitative to qualitative development.

in fact many people simply can not find these details wrong, especially some power relatively small staff, knowledge of Shanghai dragon is relatively fragmented, every day do not think too much, just need to take into account their work done. See what we are doing, "

for the station’s update is the same reason, many of the details not once considered good, one day a long time accumulation, down will be a problem. Because it appears in the search engines, they are in a step by step to cheat.

for example, do the chain construction. A lot of people will follow the conventional direction every day to some platforms such as forums, blogs, classification of information, they feel that they do is normal, every day is a little high quality posts, with links to your website, search engines also soon included, so he also think it is a the link is successful. But the collection does not necessarily indicate that it is a successful chain, is not even a healthy chain, because publishers often have a lot because it does not take into account. The search engine is to promote the natural links, and now Shanghai love of the natural links to more and more strict, manipulation, too reluctant as spam links. Despite these direction correlation, platform type does not say, even links placed no attention, may also be judged as spam links. For example, the anchor text inserted in the text of a post in the sentence, in any place. The It is without rhyme or reason. appear some practices are likely to be judged as spam links; placed in the post links at the bottom, not interfere with reading, but if there is no certain that guide the user clicks reflect demand, may also be judged as spam links. Some people do not pay attention to these details, always feel the hair of the chain are not cheating, but these are not the natural links that search engine, which is spam links. If every day so, once more than a number, it is possible to make the site being punished. When those who did not find their own problems people will shout wronged.

every time you love Shanghai update algorithm, the webmaster always provoke an uproar, of course, also some people worry someone. Each update will always be "innocence" of such a group of people. They work every day to update the site, just outside the chain, and did not deliberately cheat, but is to be punished, then shouted his innocence. Does each update will have a part of the people being injured, but the complaints and other channels can resume. I want to say is probably more people are beginning to do optimization when the direction is on track, but they were not found, then go the wrong direction, the deviation will be increasing, will be punished more.

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