Optimization of website user experience is king era should do those details

third, through a variety of ways to make high quality website traffic into. Website optimization many people think I just do a keyword ranking on OK, the ranking flow comes naturally, in fact, to some extent this a misunderstanding, our website is the core of the high value of the operation flow, and traffic sources in addition to Shanghai dragon I can have through the QQ group, micro-blog, SNS etc. the introduction of a wide range of social media promotion, the directional flow of active users of our website is constantly increasing, and constantly improve the user viscosity in turn to we are optimization of Shanghai Longfeng strategy implementation, therefore, do not think that there is no effect of the flow of external sites, most of the time for the promotion of external flow plays an important role in the website the author thinks that the external flow of ranking, we don’t have to, do you think that the quality of the platform is relatively high, we have The way into their own website, do not disregard the quality of the flow itself to flow, low quality will bounce rate will rise, the website is undoubtedly the The loss outweighs the gain.

fourth, through the analysis of the page optimization and data to adjust our website details. We know the website optimization, ranking the >

second, set up a website to meet the needs of users. The website is central to our optimization is the only objective of our existence, so the construction of website optimization is a very important part of the webmaster, we will continue to build high quality website content, content to meet the needs of users, and the experience from the web page layout, structure, we have analyzed in detail for user browsing behavior, analysis of user preferences to the details of the web site to consider to the best, to provide products or services or web browsing experience itself will further recognized by customers, so the probability of customer focus sites would potentially enhance the, what we want is the user’s reputation, user acceptance.

first, understand your site’s overall customer base. The customer is the site of the foundation, to continuously improve our website weight must be placed in the first position of customer demand, the customer is the website, this point is very important, so we must analyze the user’s attention and our services or products for sale is consistent understanding of customers, through both between the overlapped parts, we dig between user search keywords and our service, so we provide services must be able to meet the needs of users.

we know that website optimization process is also gradually change, Shanghai dragon we see, from the initial site outside the chain as the leading to the development of content for the network, and then to the current user experience is the core of the dominant position, this process is all obvious to people, as a webmaster how we should understand and grasp the current user experience is king the era of Web site optimization strategy and details? The author through the following aspects and detailed analysis, the construction of website optimization with the user experience of several key points of the website of the.

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